Email Countdown Timers
Countdown Timers in Email: The Psychological Trigg...

“Did you watch the video that’s been trending on social media these days?” “Have you heard this new Justin Bieber song?” These are some common conversation starters these days. Humans in the digital era are keen on staying up to

How To Make USD to BTC Instant Buys
How To Make USD to BTC Instant Buys?

If you’re a frequent social media user, especially Twitter, you must have noticed that cryptocurrency news has been among the top trending subjects. Well, back in February, Bitcoin was valued at $50,000 USD. This was, of course, the ultimate moment

Software Development Ideas
Best Software development projects And Ideas

Projects in software development are an essential element of a Software Engineer’s/professional Developer’s life. If software developers do not put their software development knowledge and talents into projects, that will be a waste of expertise. This is why, after completing