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Get the list of all top Guest Blogging Sites for Submit guest posts for free, They’re all in the top 100,000 on Alexa, which should help your blog get more organic visitors.

Guest blogging sites (also known as blog submission sites) are websites that accept posts from users and publish them on their blogs. Some people guest blog to publish their high-quality work and utilize the blog entries as a reference for their clients. It is used by SEO Blog experts to obtain backlinks for their websites.

Guest posting is one of the most effective white hat SEO strategies for getting your website into the top ten search results. If we utilize this strategy correctly, it is deemed 100% white hat. Any post you write on another blog should appear spontaneous rather than promotional.

If you don’t know how to write a guest post in a completely natural way, you can hire a company to do it for you.

High Authority Guest Blogging Sites

There’s a great difference between understanding that guest blogging is a good idea and really being able to incorporate it into your digital strategy.

Perhaps you have a mental list of “reach” sites for which you’d like to guest blog, but you’re not sure how to make it happen. Or perhaps you’re simply unsure which sites are worthwhile.

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest guest blogging and guest posting platforms for marketers. There are hundreds of websites to choose from, but I’ve only listed a few of the best.

8 of the best guest posting & guest blogging sites for marketers

SR No Website DA PA Category Contact  Page
1 48 29 Technology, Online Marketing, Business, Digital Marketing Click Here
2 52 38 Education, Job, News Technology,  Business, Mobile App Development Click Here
3 62 37 General, SEO, Marketing, NEWS Click Here
4 46 42 Education, Job, Career, News, Information Click Here
5 45 41 General, Technology, Business Click Here
6 57 36 Fashion, Health, Beauty, Lifestyle, Travel, Home, and Food Click Here
7 47 35 General, News, Social, Internet Click Here

How do I Submit a Guest Post?

There are a few best practices to follow when it comes to getting your guest blog published:

  • Become an expert on a specific topic.

Showcase your abilities as an expert in a specific subject field to distinguish yourself from the competitors. To add extra credibility and legitimacy to your knowledge, create and distribute information that no one else has covered.

  • Have a pitch that they won’t be able to refuse

Make a personalized pitch instead of a generic email that goes out to everyone. To demonstrate your knowledge and trustworthiness, start your pitch by knowing who you’re pitching to, including their blog and audience.

  • Take care of your connections and relationships.

When Submit guest post, it’s usual to get rejected, but you can still use that rejection to expand your network and keep ties. Although your post may not have been chosen at this time, by continuing your relationship, you may be considered for a different position in the future.

  • Discover the Editor’s Weirdnesses

When accepting a guest post, editors offer parameters that they expect to be followed. When you submit a guest post that doesn’t follow the criteria, it’s effectively a smack in the face to the editor, especially when those little links were slipped into a post that you were requested not to use.

Guest Posting FAQs

1. Is it safe to use guest posting for SEO?

One of the most popular methods of enhancing SEO is guest posting. There are a plethora of free guest posting sites that might aid SEO.

2. Is there a penalty for guest posting on Google?

It’s a common misconception that Google penalizes guest posting. Guest posting is not penalized by Google. You can easily post on a number of different, free guest posting websites.

3. How do you locate free guest posting websites?

You must conduct proper research in order to identify free and top guest blogging sites. You can get a list of websites that accept guest posting by searching for terms such as “Free Guest Posting Sites List 2022,” “Digital Marketing Guest Posting Sites,” “Guest Blogging Sites in India,” and so on.

4. How do I identify opportunities for guest posting?

There are numerous options available on social media networks, Google searches, and other search engines. Guest blogging in many niches is allowed on many digital marketing guest posting sites.

5. Is it possible to get compensated for guest posting?

Yes, some websites pay for guest posts, but your content must first be authorized by the website’s editor. Some of the greatest guest blogging sites provide a variety of paid and unpaid guest blogging opportunities.

6. What are some of the advantages of guest blogging?

  • Guest blogging aids in the promotion of a company’s brand.
  • Increasing the domain authority of your website
  • Creating backlinks
  • Enhancing your search engine ranking

7. Is it possible for me to start guest blogging as a beginner?

Yes, anyone can begin guest blogging; all you need are strong abilities and a plan.

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