5 Steps to Increase your Website Domain Authority
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Domain Authority is a score by Moz and it is an important measurement & power of a domain name that was determining from search engine ranking factors. If you want to get a higher domain authority score, then your website is more likely to have more traffic and high ranking keywords want to point to your websites.

Nowadays, every webmasters & blogger are looking for high-quality domain authority websites to post their relevant content to boost their website from competitors. Domain Authority will always give a strong strength to the website, as well as the power of the brand too. So what is the Domain Authority?

Moz clearly explained about DA means:

Domain authority is a measure of the power of a domain name and is one of many search engine ranking factors. Domain authority is based on three factors: Age, Popularity, and Size. SEO gurus Moz can be credited with the metric known as DA.

How is the Domain Authority Calculating?

See, every website DA will be compared with another website to make you show the presence of the site or tracking the strength of your website. It was calculated by the Google algorithm metrics by together all your link metrics, total no of root domain links, MozRank, Moz Trust Flow & Citation Flow.

Moz determined a total DA score of 100 points, logarithmic scale. Thus, it’s easier to grow your website score from 20 to 30 than it would be to grow from 70 to 80.

Few key facts about DA:

  • Domain Authority is fully based on a lot of link metric factors, Important at first, mainly link profile factors like how much authoritative site backlinks are pointing to your website.
  • It is more difficult to get a higher DA number of 100. Some high authority websites like Facebook and Google, so it’s very difficult to gain and we don’t get worried about it.
  • It is much more difficult to change your low DA to high DA scores, but not like you changing your keywords in Meta tags.

Practical Steps to Improving your Websites Domain Authority:

1. Be Strong on SEO Techniques:

Want to clear your all SEO issues on On-page factors which includes all basic level of on-page such proper website structure, URL structure, page navigation, breadcrumbs navigation, Page heading tags, images, images alt tags, large number of quality content, internal link building, etc, maximum Moz explained to fill overall SEO factors to get higher DA in future.

2. Quality Content with Link Structure:

Content is the king of search engine optimization, also a king of domain authority. Content is a king of overall strategies you are planning to get into high even in the ranking, post engagement, traffic and so on. Its speaker to your users begins from your website.

Make your content more powerful with a limited number of suitable keywords and a limited number of links to your relevant other pages to make your users feel happy. Keeping large infographics images and valuable images in your post, which will also help users to engage in your post, better to have your high DA.

3. Get Social Signals to your website:

Getting social signals from high authority sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram is an added advantage to improve your website DA in upward. Regular sharing into social media networks will show your website active and updates.

Avoid large no of sharing in communities and groups, it may show you as spammy too. Don’t be looked at as spam in your network or online anywhere.

4. Off-Page Link Diversity:

You all know more about Link Diversity in the off-page concept, so such link diversity may help in many ways to get you to increase in Domain Authority. Getting a high volume of backlinks from the same domains & same IPs will decrease in keywords ranking in Google search engine and other major search engines too.

As the same, the DA of your website will not increase when you target to get repeated domains again and again. Try a lot to get different high authority domains links back to your domains and also divert your links from a single domain will be more helpful to high ranking and high domain authority.

5. Be patient for Aged Domain:

If you accept the concept I have explained above from each step, you will get your DA very easily, but if you have a new domain, you must want to be patient by doing the above all concept for improving your website domain authority.

Domain authority will take some long days to calculate from Moz algorithms considering you’re all factors which include the age of the domain too.


These are points mentioned above which are presented by my own knowledge, if you follow the above 5 steps to increase your website domain authority, it may help you fully to improve your website DA quickly ASAP. Keep sharing many unique content and social signals to your website to get high DA start ride on it.

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