Best eSIM providers in the USA
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Visiting the USA? How do you connect to your family and friends and watch your favourite series without spending much? If you are thinking about a free wifi connection, are they even secure?

Whether travelling to the USA for vacation or work, you want to stay connected with your family and friends. Having the best eSIM for the USA can help you stay connected throughout your stay.

With international roaming eSIM, you can make calls without spending a lot. Here is a proper guide to eSIMs and the best eSIM USA to make your USA travel experience extraordinary. So, let’s get started!

The Evolution Of Mobile Connectivity

Over the years, travel connectivity has come a long way. However, connectivity needs to be reliable, fast, and seamless, no matter where you travel. Relying on the free wifi in hotels and public payphones is not a reliable option. So, what is the way out?

eSIMs have transformed mobile connectivity. They enable seamless internet and voice call access while travelling to different destinations around the world. For communication, entertainment, or navigation, choose the best eSIM provider in the USA with the best offers for an enjoyable experience.

What Is An eSIM?

An eSIM is a type of SIM card embedded within a device. It’s the digital version of a physical SIM card, eliminating the need for a physical SIM card. It is pre-installed on a device and activated by installing the eSIM profile of your chosen operator.

How To Use An eSIM For Travel?

To use an eSIM, you’ll require an eSIM-compatible device. You have to choose the best eSIM USA if you are travelling there. Once the app is installed, you can buy the best eSIM plan in the USA per your requirements. The eSIM gets activated without any hassle. Once you learn how to use an eSIM for travel, all your questions regarding an eSIM will be eliminated.

Ensure Security And Privacy With eSIM

With physical SIM cards, there is always a possibility of losing the SIM card. It leads to a potential risk of information being misused by others. However, with eSIM, such possibilities get minimized as the eSIM cannot be removed physically. It eliminates the risk of personal data being used by others.

eSIM provides the most secure and private network for internet connectivity. Additionally, eSIM technology provides extra security measures, such as data encryption. With an eSIM, there is no risk of data breach.

Best eSIM Provider In The USA – Zetexa

If you’re travelling to the USA and looking for a reliable eSIM provider, Zetexa is the best choice. Zetexa is focused on revolutionizing how travellers and international students access the internet. Zetexa eSIM is accessible in 150 countries. It offers you hassle-free and seamless mobile connectivity.

Let’s check out the benefits Zetexa eSIM offers:

  • Fast Connectivity: The internet connectivity Zetexa provides in the USA is superfast.
  • Convenient: With Zetexa eSIM, you don’t have to worry about your SIM getting misplaced while travelling. The convenience and flexibility of Zetexa’s international roaming eSIM are unmatched.
  • Flexible Subscription: It offers one flexible subscription for everyone.
  • Customizable: Be it a family pack, adventure pack, or traveller pack, there are lots of options available. You can customize the plan according to your requirements when you travel to the USA.
  • Track Internet Usage: The notification feature of the Zetexa app allows you to track your internet usage easily.
  • Buy A Plan Easily: The Zetexa web and mobile app instantly lets you buy data and voice plans.
  • Cost Saving: You don’t have to pay too much for the data and voice plans. You are always in control.
  • Easy To Use: Downloading and installing the app is much easier. It takes only a few minutes of your time to install the app.
  • 24×7 Live Chat Support: If you have issues while on vacation in the USA, you can resolve them quickly with the live chat support it offers.

Download the ZetSIM App from the Google Play store or iPhone App Store and enjoy!


Frequent travellers are primarily aware of the hassles of purchasing a local physical SIM card at each destination. The high charges, the limited data plans, and other inconveniences with physical SIMs significantly affect the travel experiences.

The emergence of the cheapest eSIM plan in the USA eliminates all these inconveniences. You can switch between networks in different countries or the same provider. Getting an international eSIM iPhone from Zetexa is the best solution for all your global travel needs.


How secure is an eSIM?

As security has become more important than ever, eSIM providers prioritize it. Like a physical SIM card, eSIM also provides the most secure internet connectivity.

Can I still use my physical SIM card after installing eSIM?

Yes, you can use your physical SIM card after installing an eSIM. You can use both cards simultaneously. You can use your primary card for calls and messages and the eSIM for the internet. It’s advisable to use your eSIM only while travelling internationally.

What happens when you run out of data on eSIM?

When you run out of eSIM data, your connection may be suspended. You can resume activation by purchasing additional data. It is advisable to check the plan’s terms before buying one. You can even top up your eSIM by visiting the app’s ‘My eSIMs’ section.

Does eSIM take up more space?

Unlike a physical SIM that needs a SIM tray, an eSIM is embedded in the device. The chip is embedded in the device’s motherboard. There is no unnecessary space occupied by placing a slot and tray on the outside edge of the phone.

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