Write for us – Phelix info always looking for new writers to join our Tech Blog. Are you looking to contribute a guest post or write for us then Phelix Info love to welcome you. If you have fresh and innovative content then it would be a golden opportunity.

Guideline for Article

  • Unique Content: Must be creative and unique tech content that hasn’t been published somewhere else.
  • Content-Length: Your Article Should be 500 to 3000 words. Average 1500 words and More unique words will publish fast.
  • Related Content: The article should be related to the below-mentioned topic categories.
  • Company Promotion Article – We do not accept any company promotion article or part of a promotion in an article.
  • Bio and promotion: Include a one-paragraph bio of yourself, along with your Maximum of one social media link.
  • Images: All images should be in JPG or PNG format and zip all image files in one single folder named IMAGES. Need Image Source if requirement (Read our terms and conditions)
  • Article Submit: Submit your article in Microsoft Word, doc, Zip, or HTML file.

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Features of Guest Posting 

  1. We are approved by Google Publisher (Every quality post will viral in google news)
  2. Fast Review and Submission
  3. Social Media Submission (Your post is submitted in our large social media accounts)

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Which Topics We Publish

Phelix Info accepts submissions in the following categories:

  • Technology
  • SEO
  • Domain and Hosting
  • PHP
  • Inspiration
  • App Development
  • Web Apps/Software’s
  • Internet
  • Bitcoin
  • Reviews
  • Business
  • Brand
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Success
  • Startup
  • Strategic advice
  • Relationship building
  • Social Media
  • Digital Marketing
  • Technology
  • Business Growth
  • WordPress
  • All CMS
  • Social Commerce

or any tech-related quality article.

Your Advantage of  Write for Us:

Phelix info solution is the largest mobile app and web development company and becoming part of us is very beneficial for you.

  • Boost Traffic: Your Article is submitted is all search engines in 24 hours and gets traffic for your site.
  • SEO Study: We are trying to best SEO strategy to boost your article in all search engines. we are in touch with you for changes and submission for the best SEO practice.
  • Social Media Engage: Every Article is published in our large social media family includes Facebook Page, Twitter Account, Medium Page.

Submit Your Post

Before you submit, know that due to the number of posts we receive, Maybe Delay replying to every submission. It is safe to assume that if we do not reply to you within two weeks, your submission will not be published.

Drop me a mail at phelixlab@gmail.com

  • Email Subject:–  Guest post for Phelix info
  • Name:– Your Complete Name
  • Bio:- Full Bio in Maximum 250 Words
  • Article:- Attach your Article with Image/Video links in a Word.DOC file and send it to the above-specified Email address.

Rules after sending the post

Once you are sending your post you are not authorized to use post anything without any permission. After sending the post we are authorized to:

  • Edit the post
  • Reject the post
  • Adding Interlinks
  • Adding or removing other links
  • Adding or removing images

Payment Policy

If the post is paid please read all notes carefully.

  • All payment is not refundable.
  • We are authorized to remove links or posts if the payment is not received as per the email conversation.
  • We are authorized to edit the post as per our SEO policy.


  • Before Submit Please Check Your Article for Plugrisum or Copyscape
  • Please Re-check and Read Again Above details before hitting the send button.
  • After Sending Article we are adding some article links for SEO.
  • After Sending Article we are authorized to update miner changes as our guideline and SEO Compebilty.

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