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Digital Marketing is simply advertising your company through digital platforms. It includes search engine optimization, popularly known as SEO. It also includes click advertisements and several other strategies.

What strategies are provided by a digital marketing agency?

Search engine optimization

This improves the visibility of a website when its name appears on the search engine. It promotes this based on keyword research and then modifying the website accordingly.

As per the Chicago SEO consultant, the prices generally range from USD 300 to 2000 for this type of service. It is based on the scale of the client and the work that needs to be done.

Pay per click ads

PPC also helps many people to get attracted to a website like SEO. The only difference is that SEO works on how the website appears more on search engines. Whereas the PPC makes use of advertisements, i.e., paid ads, to do the same.

They are the small ads that appear on some websites or anywhere on search engines. Whenever the user clicks on it, they can view the website.

As per the Chicago SEO consultant, the pricing works only when the user clicks on the ad. So, the price is based on the number of clicks. The ROI of this strategy is that if you invest USD 4, you can earn USD 2. That is 50 percent ROI. So generally, the prices can be from USD 8000 to 10,000 for a large-scale business.

Content marketing

Content marketing and advertising earn more than traditional advertising that including services from blogs to flow charts. It is ongoing work. Therefore, as per the Chicago SEO consultant, it is a continuous service, so the prices vary. It is not a one-time job as it doesn’t work that way.

The pricing is based on the scale of business and the exposure. Generally, people charge somewhere around USD 800 to 2000.

Social media marketing

As per the name, this strategy is based on marketing using social media apps like Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, or other apps. This helps improvise the uniqueness of the company and its products. It also takes the help of social media influencers, ads options, lead generation on the apps, and looks for customers by covering their social media timelines.

As per the Chicago SEO consultant, the prices may range from USD 800 to 18000. It depends on the business.

Email marketing

It is a way of marketing through emails or newsletters. It may include paragraphs about the company, the products, the revenues, and the bonuses. It may also include video or images, or lists and is mailed to existing shareholders, customers, or potential customers. Thus, it improves the appearance and credit of the company among the customers.

Generally, as per the Chicago SEO consultant, the pricing may be from USD 200 to 2000. Factors that majorly influence it are email designing and the number of emails sent per month or year.

Voice search

Appearing on voice search results is a landmine that is yet to be explored. However, with the growing usage of Amazon Alexa, Google voice assistant, and Apple Siri, voice search is also overgrowing.

This service focuses on becoming the most searched snippet or voice for these AI. For, e.g. When there is a voice search for best balloons under 1500 USD, then there are options that the voice search responds by listing and reciting.

A company can have good voice optimization by improving the keyword and snippet.

As per the Chicago SEO consultant, pricing can be from USD 500 to 1500.

Video marketing

It is the use of videos to market your product. It creates a brand by uploading videos regarding the company, how to use its products, and different ways of using it. It is also using influencers to market your products. It’s using YouTube to improve the branding of the company.

Generally, as per the Chicago SEO consultant, the prices can be from USD 1000 to 40000.

Website designing

A website is the face of your company in the world of digitalization. It needs to be user-friendly and up to date. It heavily implements its visibility among the customers.

A company can have a custom-made website or can have a general website like others. The pricing is different for each case.

A website should be mobile-friendly and should be lightweight so that it loads faster. In addition, its structure should have specific keywords so that search engines can search it up more quickly than others.

As per the Chicago SEO consultant, the prices can vary from USD 200 to 2000. For website maintenance, the pricing is different.


So, you can see the pricing can be different from business to business and the extent of marketing done. Every marketing technique costs different, but there’s an average to that cost. Remember, people, having excellent digital marketing knowledge is worth very high, so set up your prices accordingly.

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