How to Grow Your Email List Faster in 2021

Grow Your Email List Faster: Email marketing is a traditional branding strategy that continues to enjoy popularity in the modern-day digital marketing mix. Emails are personal and allow brands to connect with their consumers in their personal space. When a message lands in their inbox, curiosity encourages consumers to click open and explore the brand’s offerings.

However, whether or not the email will entice a response depends entirely on the content’s creativity, relevance, and appeal. It is crucial to pack your emails with engaging content and value offerings that allow customers to feel a special connection. Email marketing offers a highly-targeted route to generate leads and boost conversions.

How to Grow Your Email List Faster in 2021

Growing your email list is a viable strategy to establish customer loyalty and acquire new customers. In 2021, marketers can explore numerous strategies and tools to grow their email list enormously. Keep reading to learn more about these strategies.

Curating Creative Content

When it comes to email marketing, creativity always wins. If your emails are personalized and engaging, customers will look forward to receiving them. But, if your content is stale and your email doesn’t offer anything to the customer, click-through rates will decline. You don’t want your emails to end up isolated in the spam folder.

It is crucial to arm yourself with the right tools and email marketing solutions to build a useful email list. Managing email lists is one of the biggest challenges small businesses face. The right tool can make things more manageable. Once you’ve put together a list, your content will determine the effectiveness of your campaign.

Small businesses must learn from innovative content upgrade examples and explore various mediums to boost engagement. Consumers respond to emails that are packed with attractive visuals and do not demand much effort on their part. For instance, an email featuring pictures and a call-to-action are more effective than a lengthy email with wordy content.

Marketers must research and understand the content formats and mediums like youtube videos, podcasts, etc their target audience responds to and add an element of surprise. Consumers always applaud creativity and originality, and winning them over with creativity is the best way to cultivate lasting relations.

Highly Personalized Emails

Modern-day customers respond to personalized emails that offer them products or services that they appeal to them. Marketers can pull these insights from data analysis, examining customer purchase histories and buying experiences. These insights are then merged with content to offer special offers and discounts on products consumers want to buy.

When you offer your consumers exactly what they seek, they start responding to your emails. Emails then serve as a cue for the customer to click call-to-action and head over to your website. Emails serve as a reminder for customers to finish unfinished purchases or buy products they explored on your website. Personalization is the key to growing your email list and capturing customers at different sales funnel phases.

Marketers use email marketing to capture customers before making a purchase or leaving their cart without checking out. Delivering personalized offers allows businesses to create loyal followers who interact with their emails.

Adding Multiple Signup Forms

Modern-day users are evasive of all processes that consume their time against their will. Email newsletters and YouTube ads are notorious for annoying customers. They are unlikely to share their email address with a brand unless they are genuinely interested in its offerings.

Adding multiple signup forms increases the chances of adding more users to the email list. Most businesses add a basic newsletter signup form, which fails to bring about compelling results. Seasoned marketers firmly advise adding several signup forms to grow your email list and add more subscribers.

Adding a signup form to every page or key pages can create more opportunities. You don’t always have to annoy the user. Consider effective signup forms that capture attention, such as lightbox popups and floating bars.

Make Offer They Can’t Refuse

It is also crucial to infuse signup forms with tempting value propositions that compel the user to sign. Seasoned marketers advise adding action-based triggers and time-specific offers that create an urgency to signup for your emails. For this purpose, it is wise to continue rolling out various signup forms and strategies to capture new subscribers.

You can benefit from seasonal sales, holidays, and special occasions, like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. The idea is to pack up your signup forms and emails with value propositions that excite your users and encourage them to subscribe.

Deliver Content Upgrades

Content upgrades have emerged as a promising marketing technique where you offer exclusive content bonuses to email subscribers. These exclusive offers serve as an encouraging factor to get users to signup for your email list.

So, what exactly are you offer your audience? You can give numerous content upgrades, such as PDF downloadable versions of your blog posts. Printable checklists for moving or a diet plan with a cheat sheet will also benefit the users. If you run podcasts or panel discussions, offer transcriptions and show notes as an upgrade.

Special Offers & Discounts

Consumers like to enter relationships with brands that allow them access to exclusive offers, discounts, and access to limited collections. When designing a signup form and email call-to-actions, it is crucial to revisit human psychology principles.

People are motivated to complete tasks when they undertake the initiative themselves. So, if a user wants to obtain special discounts and exclusive access, they will most likely subscribe to your email. As a marketer, your job is to curate the offer and present it appealingly, and that captures attention.

The effectiveness of your email call-to-action depends entirely on the value your audience perceives. What do you offer in exchange for an email subscription? Are you offering customers access to limited edition collections? Are you offering special discounts exclusive only to email subscribers? Are you offering them a chance to preorder best-selling items from previous collections?

It is crucial to offer customers in return to grow your email list successfully.


Numerous strategies allow businesses to grow their email lists faster and generate more leads. It all boils down to the value proposition and how you engage your users to gain subscribers. Running giveaways and contests is another effective strategy. Consumers adore free products and gifts, and they will do anything if the offer is compelling.

It is also crucial to create several lead magnet web pages that entice and incentivize your customer to share contact information. You can offer potential buyers a discount or content upgrade in exchange for email addresses and phone numbers.

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