7 Digital Marketing Mentors You Should Follow Immediately
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Talking about dynamic – Digital marketing is the perfect example of it. The term was coined in the 1990s with the introduction of the internet and information exchange. Digital marketing as an industry has been continuously under improvement. There is almost no single point where you can claim to be 100% digitally educated, as the ocean is deep enough for a human mind to float.

There is no business or industry in the world that hasn’t been affected by the digital era. Every small or large organization has to incorporate digital strategies to survive in the competitive environment. However, digital requirements differ for each business.

Digital Marketing Mentors

Enlightening yourself with digital knowledge can enable you to go with the flow. Also, it will give you an edge over your competitors if you follow and apply the most advanced and effective tactics.

Why Mentorship?

A mentor is someone who has already been through the processes you are currently on. They already have overcome pitfalls and challenges and now have a clear roadmap to success. Being an aspiring entrepreneur, you must follow the footstep of a digital mentor for a less bumpy business ride. In this way, it will help you network, learn new things, and develop business strategies.

Because entrepreneur learning is a two-way street, once you’ve mastered a skill, you may look into being a Small Business Mentor. You can easily do that by thinking about how you can use your strengths to help others.

To stay up to date with the dynamic digital world, you must follow these digital marketing mentors.

1. Dan Lok – Legit Copywriter and Marketer

Chairperson and founder of Closer.com, Copywriter.com, and SelesCalls.com, Dan Lok became a millionaire after failing in 13 businesses. Since his teenage years, he has been into internet marketing and influencing the digital world with his remarkable strategies and teachings. Dan also composed 12 bestselling books, including F.U Money, Creativity Sucks, Million Dollar Agents, and many more.

A whooping 3.79 following on YouTube is a sign of his magical digital reach. However, the main areas of his mentorship are Copywriting, Email marketing, social media marketing, Affiliate marketing, and the list continues. It is impossible to cram an ocean into a jar; that’s what Dan Lok’s personality is.

2. Neil Patel – Leading the Growth

New York Times bestseller Neil Patel is one of the finest digital marketing gurus globally – trusted by the millions. His cost-effective marketing tactics are what make people love him. Neil Patel is the lifesaver for thousands of small business owners. He talks about website traffic, SEO, Content strategies, Customer satisfaction, and much more. His passion for educating and mentoring people have been helping small, medium, and even large companies to grow.

If you aim to grow yourself, whether as an entrepreneur or a digital marketer, start following in Neil’s footsteps. He helped boost the revenues of the companies, including H.P., Amazon, G.M., and others.

3. Rand Fishkin – The SEO Mastermind

Who isn’t familiar with this charismatic guy in the digital world? Rand, who just started as a blog, is now leading the SEO knowledge on the web. Apart from guiding about self-grooming and mustache care, he is helping entrepreneurs to live their dreams. Gifting marketers with the MOZ tools is one of his remarkable works, now essential for every digital marketer. After leaving MOZ in 2018, he founded SparkToro to understand your audience, what they like to read, watch, shop, listen to, and everything about data. Also, he is the author of Lost and Founder – the rare masterpiece about the painful journey of startups.

4. Oli Gardner – Reshaping the Webpage’s layout

Website is the building block of any business. The digital world does not accept any company without having a user-friendly website. Oli Gardner felt this need and started to guide people about the proper form of presenting your brand and producing content that people want to see. He is also the founder at Be the Keynote, a top-rated public speaker, and author at Unbounce.

5. Erin King – Persuasive Digital Communicator

The stories of women entrepreneurs aren’t complete without Erin. She started her career as a typical sales rep at a store and persuaded customers over the landline. Now, the lady is breaking the barriers of communication between business and customers. She is mentoring startups in improving digital communication with leadership mindsets.

Erin is an international keynote speaker and founder at the Socialite Agency, specializing in trade shows, conferences, and other social events. You may also know your worth by reading “You’re kind of a Big Deal,” authored by Erin King. To empower your digital presence, you must follow her on social platforms and learn how to persuade your customers.

6. Mari Smith – Social media Expert

Without social media presence and the right strategies, your business can not survive in today’s digital era. But learning this skill was never easy until Mari started to mentor entrepreneurs. She has been appearing in public events and is one of the best speakers at the Keynote. She considers relationship building with customers the heart of any business. Once customers start to love your brand, there is no back to that ordinary business.

Follow her on different social media to learn how to use the best Facebook and Instagram tools to enhance your customer base and build profitable relationships with them.

7. Wes McDowell – Web marketing strategist

Digital marketing is all about updated, fresh content; Wes always comes with working-now strategies. He is the web strategist and mentors about web designing, Google ranking, suitable traffic sources, and content based on customer psychology. Wes is serving people for 2010 and has a good following on YouTube as well. He offers some paid courses too and provides hands-on experience for the services-based businesses.

Start following Wes if you plan to start your online product or service-based startup. He’ll be guiding you from scratch to have a smoother startup journey.

Wrap up!

So, this is not the end. The digital world is full of gems, and we can’t get enough benefit from them. Every other day you can observe a new marketing trend or a hashtag rolling on the internet. But how to use these trends appropriately is what you can learn from a mentor. The exciting point is that mentors provide paid courses, but their free tutorials, blogs, and videos are also fruitful. To have a successful digital journey, you must start following a mentor – a clear and planned roadmap is awaiting you.

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