Improve The Personality of the Entrepreneurs - Proven Tips and Tricks
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What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?

Everything related to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs is fashionable, in the journalistic, radio and television forums abound programs in which the excellence of entrepreneurs are sung and some of them are invited to offer the keys to success. But what exactly does it mean to be an entrepreneur? And above all, what paste are entrepreneurs made of? Or in somewhat more academic terms, what are the personality characteristics of entrepreneurs, if they have them? Let’s start by clarifying the first question about what an entrepreneur is.

Improve The Personality of the Entrepreneurs

Improve The Personality of the Entrepreneurs - Proven Tips and TricksMost people consider that an entrepreneur is someone who has set up some kind of project or business and has succeeded, which is correct, but the issue is much more so. We call these types of entrepreneurs extra-entrepreneurs because they set up a new project that did not previously exist, but intra-entrepreneurs is not less important, people who work in a company or institution and carry out important innovations in the field of their job, thus improving the performance of the company. It is clear that they do not have as much social visibility as the first ones, but they are fundamental for the good progress of organizations.

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A good leader is one who can motivate their collaborators to act as intra-entrepreneurs, hence the importance of teamwork. You can also talk about personal entrepreneurs, to refer to those people who have self-control over their personal life and can make innovative decisions in the sphere of personal life, to reinvent themselves, to self-innovate. Is it possible to doubt the importance of this facet? To change something, you have to start with yourself. We can even talk about social entrepreneurs when the capacities of innovation and initiative are focused on improving the living conditions of the community, all kinds of missionaries and NGOs would be framed in this category, with the other Angel as a paradigm. Although different, these four types of entrepreneurial attitudes are related and share many characteristics. You are read – Personality of the Entrepreneurs at Phelix Info Blog.

What are the personality characteristics of an entrepreneur?

Clarified the fundamental meanings of the concept of entrepreneur, of course, you could think of others, let’s go to the second question, what are the personality characteristics of an entrepreneur? Undertaking, like any other human behavior, is multidimensional, that is, it depends on several aspects, of which the following four stand out: the context in which the person moves, such as society, culture, education received, etc. , the capabilities it possesses, such as intelligence, creativity, and other skills, attitudes toward life, and characteristics of personality. Here I am going to focus on the fourth aspect, referring to the personality of entrepreneurial people, which is a field that psychologists have studied for a long time. According to the most recent research, eight would be the basic characteristics of the personality of entrepreneurs: motivation for achievement, risk-taking, innovation, autonomy, self-efficacy, stress tolerance, locus of internal control and optimism. I will briefly comment on each one of them.

1. The motivation for achievement

It refers to the desire to reach levels of excellence and is closely related to the effort that the person is willing to make to succeed in what he does. Entrepreneurs are great workers, do not haggle efforts, and it cannot be otherwise since the professional and academic performance depends fundamentally on two factors: the person’s capacity and the effort he makes. It is no use being very capable if it is not combined with hard work, it is often estimated that to be among the best in your profession, at least you have to work about four thousand hours a year, which is not easy. You have to get rid of the idea that to undertake is to have a happy idea and to live, the idea is only the seed, then you have to water it and cultivate it with care and effort so that it becomes a good tree, and let’s not say a forest.

2. Risk-taking

Undertaking something is always uncertain, we must be very cautious, but we must not be afraid to fail, failures are the food of future successes, a good entrepreneur prudently weighs the chances of success, but does not cower in the absence of total security of your project. Total security does not exist, we navigate the universe uploaded to a fragile ship such as Earth. All important decisions are made based on incomplete information, therefore the possibility of error is there, there are always risks, we must assume it naturally. Of course, everything possible must be done so that the probability of failure is minimal, but mistakes are a blessing, from them, you learn more than from successes. The popular saying what does not kill strengthens has a real background. You are read – The personality of the Entrepreneurs.

Nothing is changed if there is no interest in new ideas and solutions, entrepreneurs often see different solutions, which can sometimes be shocking for the rest of the people. Surely we all come up with new ideas about different aspects of our family, social and work environment, of course, it is not enough to have an idea, we must push it and fight for it. When it comes to young people, it is necessary to leave the room for experimentation and margin of error, it is not a good teacher who censures and corrects the most, but the one who most stimulates and helps the student find their path and solution. Respect for the teacher should not be so reverential that it prevents the growth of the student after all the goal of teaching is that the student surpasses the teacher if not, there is no progress.

3. Autonomy

It refers to the impulse that most entrepreneurs have to achieve greater personal independence with their projects and to be able to make their own decisions and decide how to do their job. Nobody undertakes and strives to be more dependent, although that does not mean that the need to have the help of other people to bring the project to fruition is not recognized.

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4. Self-efficacy

It is the conviction that entrepreneurs have that they can effectively carry out what they set out, trust their possibilities, and overcome the obstacles that will necessarily be encountered. It has to do with self-confidence to navigate the rough waters through which they are going to have to navigate the projects that are started, and with the ability to see and take advantage of the opportunities that arise.

5. Stress tolerance

To a greater or lesser extent we all have stress, and it is not bad, stress and excitement are the sources of the action, the problem is when the levels are unmanageable, and therefore block the activity and generate all kinds of personal imbalances and labor. Entrepreneurs tend to have a greater tolerance for stress than other people, they continue to function well outside their comfort zone, with high levels of tension, which is essential, as carrying out a new project is a sure source of stress. Living with stress and performing in high-pressure situations is essential for any professional, not just for entrepreneurs.

6. Internal control locus

This expression refers to the fact that entrepreneurs tend to attribute their successes and failures to what they do or fail to do, and not to luck or to external factors over which they have no control. If someone considers that everything that happens in life is due to luck, the plugs, their zodiac sign, or the inexorable destiny, then they will probably never undertake anything, why, if everything is written. That is why entrepreneurs are proactive, they have confidence in their actions, compared to reagents, which simply react to the facts given.

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7. Optimism

It is one of the fundamental characteristics of entrepreneurs, nothing is undertaken without some degree of optimism, of course, it is not about being a pathological optimist, but an inclination to see the positive part of things. How are we going to undertake something strongly if we don’t have confidence in it beforehand? As Benjamin Franklin said, that if he undertook something he knew, joy is the philosopher’s stone that turns everything into gold.

After reading these eight characteristics of the personality of¬†entrepreneurs, the reader may wonder if it is possible to improve those aspects in oneself, or do you have a level that you have once and for all. Nothing is forever, the best that we humans have is our ability to learn and therefore to change, so if we identify our strengths and weaknesses, we can improve what we are laziest in, we must be an entrepreneur with oneself. Nowadays there are a number of online personal development courses and personal development classes were available through that you can develop your management skills. From that, you can get the number of tips tricks and the Importance of an entrepreneur’s roles in business management and an organization.

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