Inspiring Website Design Ideas

Inspiring Website Design Ideas: No matter how brilliant and talented you are, you will always have a few moments where you feel stuck and just can not think of any new ideas.

This is okay and it happens to the best of us. It is difficult sometimes to get the creative juices to flow on demand. And it is in these moments that you start to get frustrated with everything and everyone.

Inspiring Website Design Ideas

This article aims at helping you get over this block that you feel along with everyone else feels from time to time. Following are a few ideas you should try:

  1. Using Pinterest Mood Boards

Mood boards are a good idea to find great ideas! It is a great tool to help you find many different kinds of visual material for your project or at the very least will help you find the direction in which you want to be going. The ideas can range from color schemes to images, to layout, etc. With Pinterest mood boards you not only have a common place for all your design inspiration but your clients are also able to add on to them and contribute their ideas.

  1. Make A Plan

Always keep this quote in mind while starting any kind of new project “failing to plan is planning to fail”. Hence you should definitely keep this in mind when you start your web design project. Sometimes all you are missing is a structure as to how you want to go about things and that’s why you feel stuck creatively. When the fundamentals and basics are clear you can your creatives juices should have no problems flowing. Here are some things to keep in mind while making your plan:

  • Be clear in your head as to what your goal is for the website. Try adopting the SMART method; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely or even the ACE approach.
  • Look into the buyer’s journey. This does not just mean the goal but how you want the user to move through your website.
  • Decide on the fonts, design elements, and colors you want to use. Look into websites like Coke, Apple, and Google. They use the same color palette and theme throughout the website and give off a pleasing and calming look to their users.
  • And finally, plan out your Search Engine Optimization or SEO.
  1. Don’t Stray Away From Web Standards

It is obvious that every designer wants to be creative and wants to have the next best out-of-the-box idea and those are all good traits as boundaries and creatives walls need to be pushed but keep in mind that the visitors are just used to certain elements. If you were to suddenly change them it might lead them to get confused and move onto the next website offering the same thing. Following are a few things that are standards when it comes to website design:

  • The logo to be on the top left corner of the web page
  • The navigation menu on the top of the web page or screen
  • The same branding on all your web pages
  • The search feature to be in the header
  • Contact information to be clearly visible on the top
  1. Content Formatting

People do not really appreciate the power of content formatting but it is extremely important in web design. You might have the best information out there but if you are not able to present it properly then there is no point. Sometimes when you are stuck creatively it might just be because the content you do have has no proper flow to it or looks very helter-skelter. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while presenting your content:

  • Make sure to have proper headings as some users prefer to just scan over the article and only if you have a clear heading that is targeting the user will they give it a proper read.
  • Don’t forget to add visual information as the brain tends to find those more approachable.
  • Optimize your fonts correctly.
  • Make proper lists and paragraphs as no one truly read one big dump of information ever.
  1. Mobile

You won’t find a single person nowadays without a mobile phone. Added to this google even announced their mobile-first index. So you might find it nice to change it up and start working on your website mobile web development. This would include a new slate for you to work on and come up with fresh ideas. People tend to check websites on mobile phones rather than laptops or tablets now so you can use this to work on different elements that make the user experience better on this front.

  1. Try to Make your Website Minimalistic

No one likes a cluttered website that is just filled with information. So maybe if you feel like you have no more ideas for your website it’s because there is already too much going on in it. Keep it simple and just include the things that have to be there.

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