Latest Development platform – Android Marshmallow: A technical blog must have appearance of android blog. Because the world’s need compress in a phone. Since 2007 the area of android development has been taken place but till now its function is going more explore & present in a wide range to make the world unite & comfortable.

Android Marshmallow

Recently the Google has updated android in Marshmallow 6.0 from android lollipop 5.0 on 17th august 2015. When the android has been taken place in the world its version was 1.6 Donut. From when there have a great change in android world. Android Marshmallow is more of a refinement then a revolution. Now we are going to overhaul you some key feature of android Marshmallow:-

  • Google’s voice shortcut is right there on the lock screen, replacing the dialer
  • Google’s voice assist is the default voice solution for all apps in marshmallow.
  • The new branding in Google’s persistence search bar.
  • The app drawer scrolls vertically with a scrubber bar for rapid scrolling.
  • “Do not disturb” new feature is added on notification panel.
  • It has new charging standards, including reverse charging and USB type-C.
  • MicroSD cards can now be used exactly like internal storage.
  • Granular app permission gives the user complete control of app permission.
  • It takes around 15 sec to register a fingerprint and setup fingerprint authentication.
  • Security patches now arrive monthly from Google.
  • New marshmallow device will be encrypted by default.
  • Volume control on marshmallow gives offer for best option but it might be little confusing.
  • It’s very easier to find an app or uninstall it.

Now-a-days most useful platform to develop an app is Android Studio1.5.

The applications are usually developed on java language using software development kit (sdk). Whenever the platform has updated the most changes were seeing in sdk. There are several changes add in android studio1.5 like:-

Some of the specific bug fixes, include the ability of use short names when code completion, some layouts are predefined use to make a stating activity of an app, new memory monitor to analysis abilities to android monitor, new deep link & app link support, new lint checks for android TV and android Auto to give you immediate, action feedback, new lint for check insecure broadcast receiver.

What new is coming: android studio 2.0 with new features on 23rd Nov.2015?

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