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If there are infinite variations from hundreds of thousands of readymade themes available, what even is the point of a custom theme?

Imagine the difference between a suit purchased from Walmart and one tailored specifically for you. The difference is subtle, but significant nonetheless.

With a custom WordPress theme, you get exactly what you want, what you pay for.

The Need for Bespoke:

When you’ve spent some time combing digital marketplaces for the perfect WordPress theme, you’ll start noticing a pattern. Every other theme will be modeled after the top-trending or the best selling theme, and offer almost the exact same features for the same price.

The reason is simple: WordPress theme industry is extremely competitive and developers need to eat too. Straying from the tried and tested formula of success (See: Visual Composer + Revolution Slider + Hundreds of Fonts/icons + Contact Form 7) has a high chance of ending up in disaster. No-one wants that sort of risk when there’s money to be made.

So you, as a buyer who wouldn’t care what a theme packs under the hood (read: code), end up with countless themes that look almost exactly the same without demo content. You’re paying north of USD $50 for a theme that has a high likelihood of ending up clashing with the rest of your website setup and configuration.

Benefits of Bespoke Themes:

• 3rd Party Integration, on demand: Skilled WordPress developers can create magic with APIs across the web – Pulls and display anything from live stock charts to weather reports to live Tweets for your profile/business made by others, track user behavior for analytical insight, and more. A custom WordPress theme will be an interface consisting of all that and more, per your demands.

This lets you and your visitors accomplish more with your website than you thought was possible.

• Clash-free and cross-browser compatible: When a theme is made for your host + plugin selection, there is little chance of ending up with a fatal error or WSOD (White Screen of Death). Less downtime equals to more business. And a website which works on more browsers is a website that reaches a wider audience.

• Your identity matters on the internet: The easiest and most potent way to make a statement on the web is by standing out from the crowd. This is why custom WordPress theme development services are hired in the first place: to code a theme that sticks out from the rest, one that works with your visual identity instead of you having to change to fit.


Being unique is NOT the end goal of a custom theme. That’s just a side-benefit. The end goal is simple: To find the perfect fit – with your business goals and visual identity.

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