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Speaking of video editing software, I think most people use the following famous software that is known to some extent.

  • Adobe “Premiere Pro”
  • Apple “Final Cut Pro”
  • Blackmagic Design “DaVinci Resolve”
  • LumaTouch “LumaFusion”
  • Wondershare “Filmora”

All of them are highly functional and you can make various things. However, many people want to make videos easily but are not particular about the materials.

I think this demand also applies when creating images, but I believe that many people like the fact that there are some templates available and that you can redesign the characters. I found a video editing software that can meet such demands, so in this article, I will introduce the Canva-like video editing software FlexClip.

What is a video editor?

It is an online video production software developed by a company called Pearl Mountain, a software company founded in Hong Kong in 2006. Since this software runs on a browser, it can be used on both Windows and Mac.

While some people order professional video editing services to get media files of the highest quality, budget-conscious users can use this affordable software to enhance their footage on their own.

FlexClip is a high-performance video editing software with partners like Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, YouTube, and Unsplash. As mentioned at the beginning, this software allows you to easily create a video by selecting a template and editing the materials in it to your liking. In addition, since abundant templates and materials are prepared, even beginners can easily create videos.

Main features

  • No installation is required as it can be used on a browser
  • Not affected by PC specs
  • Abundant templates and materials
  • Even beginners can easily make videos
  • You can make it only with the prepared templates and materials
  • Easy-to-understand design and easy to use
  • You can use key operations like delete and ctr + z

How to make a video with a video editor?

I will introduce the procedure to make a video using this software in just three steps.

1. Choose a template

To create a project, choose a template. If you are a beginner, you should try “Create with the template.” As I mentioned earlier, the software already has more than 1,000+ ready video templates. So, first, select a template that is close to the image of the video you want to make from the template list screen.

2. Customize the template

There is a menu on the left. The function you want to add to the video is displayed. The video editing screen is displayed on the right side. By clicking the text or image, the available editing functions are displayed at the top of the editing screen, and you can change the size and colour of the characters. At the bottom, the flow of the entire video is displayed.

3. Export the video

Export the video when editing is complete. After that, enter the title of the video and the creator, and the work is completed. You can add your intro video provided by FlexClip in front. Only the leftmost 480P can be selected in the free version when exporting. More than that will be a paid version.


FlexClip is a recommended video editing software that makes it easy to create and share videos. For light users who don’t have to prepare all the materials and letters themselves, it will meet most demands. It’s available online and has a lot of materials, so I think it’s highly recommended for beginners.

You don’t have to prepare the material yourself, so if you want to make an image movie, you can make it at the fastest speed and it is the strongest! If you are an advanced user and want to create a slightly complicated video, I think that FlexClip alone may be difficult.

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