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Marketers have a lot on their plate. With more and more competitors coming up in the market, it’s become difficult to stand out for your company. One of the best ways is to produce an explainer video that will help you with this task. Animated explainer videos are a great way to deliver messages and educate people about your product or service. They let you tell an engaging story, reveal the benefits of what you offer, and make sharing easier.

Indeed, explainer videos have taken over each social feed. Do you think every explainer video is doing best on social media? No! People only get attracted to videos that convey complex information in a digestible way. And it is only possible if your video has appealing visuals along with an informative and entertaining script. That’s why organizations take help from animated explainer video companies to get the best output.

If you are planning to get one for your business, then make sure its script is both powerful and engaging. Don’t know how to create an excellent video script that converts? Have a look at the below tips to create a video script that matters.

Tips for creating an awesome Explainer Video Script

Let’s begin…

Get Straight to the point

Do not distract your audience by sharing relevant content. Try to put your message in the first 30 seconds. It will not only captivate the audience but also increase the visitors’ period. This will tell the audience about what they will get in the entire video. Sharing the brief will inspire the audience to stay on the video and enjoy something fresh and unique. The more you distract the audience from the track, the lesser the chances to turn customers into promoters.

Always keep it short

Many marketers think that long content gets more conversions. Do you also think the same? If yes, then you should surely do some more research. No matter how long or short your content is, it must give the audience what they want. But if you explain the same concept in less time, then the chances to engage the audience increase.

According to the research, 85% of people watch videos for 30 seconds, whereas only 50% stay till the end of your video is up to 2 minutes. Thus, if you want to generate excellent results, then try to wrap up your script within 240 words. It will get you a video of around 90 minutes.

Use the right tone

Whenever you create a script for your video, then focus on the tone of your text. Selecting a tone for your video script will help you capture the audience’s attention. Once you know why you are creating a video and what you want from your video, then you can easily find the right tone for your website.

Always keep in mind that the tone you choose for your video will directly affect the choice of your audience, the type of dialogue you create for the script, etc. Thus, always have a mental picture of your customers in mind while writing a script, as it will further help you to improve the quality of your video.

Try to share thoughts in the story 

Creating a video script is not a cakewalk, but producing a script that inspires the audience to stay till the end is something that needs your effort. Well! That’s where storytelling comes into the picture. Creating content in a conversational tone will directly strike the audience’s mind and increase the chances of remembrance.

Showcasing the concept in the form of a story will give life to your boring text. People get more excited to know real-life examples instead of unrelatable content. Thus, try to add facts and figures in your script that people can relate to.

Follow proper structure 

Whenever you create a script, then always follow classical structure. Creating a script in a proper structure will help you in producing a highly productive video. Don’t know the basic concepts to follow?

Well! You can divide your video script into three stages, including; What, How, and Why. You can start your script with a brief introduction about what problems this video will resolve.

Once they relate it to themselves, then they can surely stay on your video. In the next section, focus on how your product/service can help the audience to solve their queries. Lastly, give your audience a reason why they should purchase your product or avail of the service.

Properly showcasing the idea will help you create a compelling script that works extraordinarily.

Add clear CTA at the end 

Another tip that can help you in producing excellent video scripts is call-to-action. It is one of the most important tips that will help you to turn visitors into leads. It is one thing that you want your audience to do after watching the video. You can ask them to fill in the Contact Us form, download an ebook, book a free demo, etc.

Your script should add content that inspires the audience to take action. Before you implement each video, you can always test different CTA’s to check the best response.

Try to inject emotions 

Last but not least, a tip that can help you improve your video quality is through emotions. No one will love to say on a website that sounds robotic. So, whenever you create a video script, keep your viewer’s emotions in mind. No matter whether you add a fun element to your script or a heartstring, it will surely help you get a good response.

Creating an emotional script will not only add inspiration but also make it easy for the audience to approach.

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In a Nutshell

Indeed, there are various ways to create an awesome script, but hopefully, the above tips will help you get excellent output. Thus, keeping these few points in mind, you can make the one that you wish for.

Always remember, that the script is the backbone of your explainer video. Your explainer video will only be effective if your script is well-presented and written. So, get ready to leave an impression on your audience by creating an overwhelming video script.

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