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Studies have shown that video marketing has become an impressive marketing tactic since a year ago as it is more convenient to put across your message to your audience in a much better way.

11 expert tips to make sure you achieve the best results with video marketing

Video marketing is one of the best ways to make sales. However, many people don’t know how to do it effectively. If you are one of these people, then this article is for you. Below are some tips for increasing sales with video marketing:

1. Knowing your audience is the key

As a part of knowing your audience, you will have to analyze their likes and dislikes. You have to do your examination and have a reasonable comprehension of your audience’s requirements and inclinations.

To know this, you need to know which platforms are used by consumers to gain knowledge about products so that by putting videos on these platforms, your business will also reach the consumers.

2. Create videos for the product you are selling

One of the easiest ways to attract customers is to make videos of your product. Show the benefits of the product, its features, its advantages, how useful it is by making successful videos of the product, and why people should buy it.

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3. Share videos through Instagram

Earlier this year, Instagram introduced reels. And it’s an excellent tool for digital marketing. Putting videos as reels will help you increase your business base as a reel on Instagram on an average receives 500-1000 views.

The sharing of stories and posting videos are two other ways to market your products on Instagram. You will achieve more reach by using creative stories.

Putting videos as posts daily on your Instagram account will also help boost your business, as Instagram itself will promote your page when it’s found that you are an active member.

4. Go live on social media platforms

Going live is one of the best ways of video marketing. You can go live on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. People will be more attracted to live videos because the other videos you have made will be scripted and edited, but going live shows the product.

5. Share your customer’s reviews

When someone buys products from you, you can ask them to make a video of their feedback; by this, your sales market is bound to increase as the truth of your products will be told by those who have bought and used your product. You can also ask them to put video stories on their Instagram or Facebook page.

6. Take the help of YouTube

YouTube is the second largest search engine. So, taking the help of YouTube will give you more exposure to the world. Making blogs is easy but making sure that these videos reach people is not as easy to think.

To make your videos pop up on people’s YouTube pages, the first and foremost thing you have to do is putting videos daily or on alternative days.

You can also share your YouTube video links to other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

7. Make ads or promos

We all see ads while watching a video on Facebook or YouTube. Likewise, you can also make ads for your products. will help you gain identity among the consumers. Create short promo videos for your products and add the link to where people can buy the product, which says Buy Now or Shop Now. When we provide the link, people will reach out.

8. Make videos that show discounts and limited offers

Make videos with content like limited offers and great discounts; these videos are most likely to catch the customer’s eyes. In these videos, add the time and date when the discount offers or the limited offer starts and ends. The discounts and the limited time will make people desperate to buy the products.

Also, add words like “discount sale only till” “don’t miss these amazing products,” which will encourage the customers to buy the products.

9. Q and A sessions on social media platforms

On social media platforms, you can do a live Q and A session. It will help you build trust with the customers as you will answer their questions on the spot. The customers will be satisfied that your product and your business are legit.

You can also do a poll video in which people will be able to select their favorite product. It will help you understand your customer’s interests better. And can make products accordingly.

10. Sponsored videos through Influencers

Nowadays, Influencers are found on all social media platforms. There are influencers on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Ask these influencers if they can do a sponsored video of your product.

If they agree, you will have to pay them for the video they are putting up. Also, if your business is a small one, it is better if you ask small influencers for the sponsored videos as the influencers’ price for sponsored videos will be around 50k to 80k.

11. Examine the achievement of your video

Last but not least, you will have to examine the achievements of your video. Check how many views your videos got and check the comments that people gave, as this will help you understand if your video was good enough or has it reached as many people as you wanted. This examination will help your business grow in the future.

As we come to the last part of this article, we will be sharing some pro-tips on making good quality videos for video marketing. 


Make sure that the videos you make are short of about 5-10 minutes, because if the video is a long one, then people will get bored by the end. Be casual when you make videos because if you are formal, then the customers will feel uncomfortable, so be casual.

Unlike the casual, you are with your friends and family, but the casual you are with someone you are meeting for the first time.

It will entertain the customers and make them pay attention to what you say. Don’t use scripts. Just say what you want to say; this will help in making the customers see your legitimacy.

Editing and marketing videos are not easy, but through practice, you will make distinctive videos. To start video marketing today and take your business to the next level.

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