4 Tips on Repurposing Videos to Help Boost Sales
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Businesses have turned to the web to boost sales and increase revenue. One effective way to reach out to potential customers is by posting valuable content online. While brainstorming for new concepts and ideas is part of the video marketing process, repurposing existing videos can also work.

While it’s true that repurposing is a cost-effective strategy and can help reach more people with minimal effort, not all repurposed videos will give the same results. To ensure profitable results, here are some tips to help you squeeze more value out of videos you already have.

Choose which content to repurpose into videos

Not all content can be repurposed. It’s important to find those that are still relevant to your target audience, what’s trending, and what can help your business get more sales. Here are a few types of content that you can repurpose into sales videos:

  • Webinars into snackable videos – Highlight each key point in a long webinar by splitting it into shorter videos. Not only will people watch each micro-video more because it’s short enough to digest, but it will also give them something to look forward to, like a TV series.
  • Infographics into animated slideshows – Infographics are entertaining but they can be made even more interesting when they are converted into videos.
  • Written blogs into videos – Not everyone has time to read written blogs. Using a screen and webcam recorder, and voiceover or captions, you can convert text into videos that people can watch on their mobile devices wherever they are.

Should be appropriate for your target audience

If your target audience at the moment is stay-at-home parents, make sure that the videos you are repurposing are relevant to them and the things they do. If you are revising a video that was originally created for the general public, update it and add more specific information that will benefit your target audience’s age, interest, industry, employment status,

Adjust the video to suit the target platform

Looking to post repurposed content on social media platforms? Make sure that they will show and play the right way. If you need to adjust the aspect ratio of your video, you can use an online video editor to change it and upload the entire video to your chosen platform with ease.

Add an effective call to action

If your goal is to boost sales, make sure that your videos are directing viewers to make a purchase, get involved, comment, or react. Adding a call to action in existing videos can help viewers know what to do next if they are interested. You may add a link to your shop, sign up for your newsletter, or to subscribe to future videos.

Bring old videos back to life

While it’s still advisable to come up with new video content ideas to help increase brand awareness and sales, using what you already have is a practical move. Not only will your business save time, money, and effort, but it’s also a good way of giving your videos more purpose.

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