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There was a time when concepts, such as AI (artificial intelligence), augmented reality, and 360-videos looked like far-fetched ideas; today, many of those ideas have become a reality. We live in the age of Digital Darwinism, where businesses are trying to survive and thrive in the face of constant changes.

Digital Marketing Trends

Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends
Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends

Today’s online landscape has changed a lot, and so has consumer behavior. If you are a business owner and intend to remain competitive in 2011 and beyond, you must keep adjusting and upgrading your digital marketing strategies. Here are four innovative digital marketing trends you cannot ignore in 2022 and beyond.

Video Content

Since the pandemic hit the globe, more people have used social media and consumed internet content more than before. That said, video content is one of the most popular internet content as it provides visual information, which is why video marketing has made it number one on our list of innovative digital marketing trends for 2022 and beyond.

It has been estimated that video marketing is here to stay for the next ten years. Seeing the popularity of video marketing, nearly 60% of global businesses are integrating video marketing in their digital marketing strategies.

Many digital marketers swear by the efficiency of video marketing and regard it as a crucial part of their marketing strategies. It has been estimated that people are more likely to feel connected to the products by watching a video instead of static imagery.

Video marketing also helps gain the trust of potential customers and generate more sales through higher engagement. A business can also go live by streaming live videos while using different platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Interactive Content

Content is still the king in the world of digital marketing, which is why businesses should never ignore the content of their business websites; speaking of which, go here and see how you can benefit from Content Writing Services.

Today, potential clients are looking to connect with their favorite brand through content, which is why the digital marketing trend of interactive content is one of the fastest-growing trends in 2021 and beyond.

It has been analyzed that businesses will see a massive shift in the way potential clients interact with them by integrating dynamic, interactive content, offering the potential clients a different kind of interactive experience.

There are different types of interactive content methods, such as Instagram quizzes/ polls, links of 26-degree videos, and embedded calculators on the business website. The nature of interactive content depends on the products and services offered by the businesses.

Compared to typical text-based content, interactive content is more engaging, boosts website traffic, and generates more sales. People prefer interactive content as it makes them feel connected with the brand and more involved in the entire buying process.

Voice Search

Since the pandemic hit the globe, people have been using voice search more than before. While the primary reason for such an increase in voice search might be to eliminate and reduce the potential risk of touching screens and surfaces, it also made searching for products and services easier.

Such an increase in voice search caused many businesses to rethink their potential digital marketing strategies. It has been estimated that nearly 30% of all internet-based research is initiated with a voice search.

According to different studies, nearly 60% of potential customers use voice search to locate products and services and avail important business information. In contrast to the younger audience, nearly 50% of adults use voice search every day.

The increased use of Alexa and Siri also indicates the popularity of voice search, which is why it is not difficult to understand the crucial role that voice search plays in detecting products and services. By integrating voice search in their digital marketing strategies, potential businesses can boost brand awareness and expand their target audience.

Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends
Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends

Influencer Marketing

Influencers have seemingly taken over most of the different social media platforms with their huge fan base, and potential businesses can use this aspect for their own benefit. Influencer marketing is a type of “word-of-mouth” marketing, where businesses hire influencers to promote their products and services on their social media channels.

It has been estimated that people are more likely to listen to their favorite influences rather than the brand itself. People are looking for evidence before they buy products and services, and if their favorite social media influencer is talking about a product or service, they are ten times more likely to invest in the product/ service.

Businesses can use social media stars and include them in their digital marketing strategy. With influencer marketing, businesses can reach a bigger target audience and boost brand awareness. It is also an efficient way to boost sales, get more leads, and build brand trust.

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Final Thoughts

Businesses can no longer rely on conventional marketing strategies if they want to survive and thrive during such challenging times of the digitalization of the entire globe. If you want to stand out in your niche and make more sales than your potential competitors, you must keep evolving and adapting innovative digital marketing strategies.

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