GT2 HUAWEI WATCH A New Era of Intelligent living

The Huawei gt2 smart watch smart watches improve the quality of your life. Take a look at the elements that make this watch category more desirable.

Excellent battery performance

The Huawei gt2 smartwatch class creators have set a new record for the amount of time a gadget can be used on a single charge.

The WATCH GT 2 will last around two weeks on a single charge thanks to HUAWEI Kirin A1 dual-chip power-saving technology.

Along with reducing power consumption, Kirin A1 features superior anti-jamming capabilities, reducing year-on-year delay by 30% and increasing transmission rate by 2.8 times, resulting in lossless HD sound quality. Kirin A1 is also the hardware foundation for Huawei Watch GT 2, supporting Bluetooth calls and local music playback.

With Bluetooth calling and music playing, we can use Huawei Watch GT 2 in more situations. For example, when working out at the gym, we can make Bluetooth calls through the watch, which is quite handy. When you’re done training, you may also utilize Huawei Watch GT 2 to play the music you enjoy.

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A new simple design

To achieve the bezel-less vision, the Huawei gt2 smart watchmakers used a high-quality 3D glass watch face.

Compared with the last-gen of Huawei watches, Huawei Watch GT 2 also included a dial market feature; you can select more dials if you want, which may be used by yourself. With such a design, users may choose in the market, partial business style or fashion style, partial card ventilation, or partial simple style, users can all select by themselves, and the gameplay is extremely powerful.

Designed for Professional Trainer

The Huawei gt2 smartwatch measures your heart rate with the accurate TruSeenTM 3.5 and tracks your workouts with precision location systems. It is a professional companion for your indoor and outdoor activities, with 15 professional sport modes and 85 bespoke training settings.

Convenient Features

To make life easier, the Huawei gt2 smartwatch includes numerous capabilities, including Bluetooth calling, SMS message display, and TruSleep TM 2.0 / TruRelax TM heart rate monitoring.

WATCH GT 2 can memorize up to 500 songs and pair them with HUAWEIFreeBuds.  Without touching your phone, select your favorite song from the list.

With a smartwatch, you live a smarter life

When linked with a smartphone, the Huawei gt2 smartwatch possesses an inherent intellectual ability. Huawei Watch GT 2 supports Fast Pair, and when the watch is near the phone, the phone launches a speedy pairing interface. This is similar to Huawei FreeLace’s HiPair function, which enables customers to swiftly accomplish device pairing for the first time, which is quite convenient. Live life to the fullest with the smartwatch that was created specifically for you.

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