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The rising fame of JavaScript has brought a number of drastic changes in the Web development industry. There are a number of things on the web browser that we can do with the help of the V8 JavaScript engine nodeJS that was hard to imagine a few years back.

In the current situation, nodeJS is being used for the development of numerous server-side enterprise app development solutions Among the most famous application right from Uber to LinkedIn every one considered using NodeJS in their production. For now, due to its rich interface, the demand for the framework is increasing day a day! We can say that the remarkable features provided by NodeJS have come up with a lot of outstanding modifications in the area of web development.

In simpler words, we can say that Node.js is not a platform for all your problems but it definitely a platform that will rule the web development world and fills all the enterprise development needs. Node.js can compete with all well-known languages and this is the reason it has been embraced by various start-ups and enterprises.

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So, here in this write up we will discuss all the important aspects of the NodeJS platform and why NodeJS is the best Framework for Enterprise App Development. But before diving into the main matter of discussion, it is important to get a brief introduction to Node.JS.

Brief introduction of Node.js

Node.JS is an application runtime framework environment that helps the developers to write codes in JavaScript in a hassle-free manner. Due to its unique, I/O model, the framework excels at all sorts of scalable and synchronized situations. The chrome-based V8 JavaScript engine nodeJS is resourceful and can use JavaScript on both frontend and backend sides thus giving developers a new model for development. Due to its integer number of uses various enterprises are looking out for an Enterprise App Development Company that offers the best development developers across the globe.

Now, finally, we would like to talk about the top 10 reasons that have contributed to the intensifying demand for Node.js in the enterprise app development industry.

Extremely fast

The framework is based on JavaScript and this makes it super fast. The use of Node JS has eventually enhanced the performance of the applications when it comes to speed. The I/O model of the framework makes it agile and thus performing all the tasks is quite easy and quicker with this in terms of speed. The web and mobile app developers are using this framework to give their users a bunch of features efficiently.

Creating integrated dashboards

Creating amazing Integrating dashboards is now easy with this technology. In short, it is a great way to connect with the audience in a web application with the use of it. NodeJs is the best way when it comes to developing and monitoring web applications. The Node js give the app ability to track user actions and visualize such real-time interactions and react to it based on the end-user activities.

Proxy deployment

If you are running an export business, then it is a good option to choose Node JS for the development of deploying proxy features in the website. With this feature, it will be easy and helpful to handle connections without blocking anything. This framework also works well for developing an app that is dependent to export and import various types of data.

Data streaming

When it comes to data streaming nothing is best the NodeJS framework as with this the I/O applications can be effortlessly managed. Well if you want to build something exceptional then Node JS is the framework that you need. With this time-saving platform, it is quite easy to transcode the media files efficiently.

Easy to build real-time applications

If needed, then you can create an effective framework to build real-time web and mobile applications that will eventually boost the user experience. We can say that NodeJS is the best enterprise app development technology that is worth the investment. The uniformity that this JavaScript-based platform offers to its users is effective. It may quite make you surprised that its cloud supporting feature is something that makes it the ideal choice for real-time web application development.

Single codebase

With the help of Node JS, it is easier to send and receive data between the server and client for successful synchronization. So without any second thought choose Node JS for your next project and make it a successful one. Even you can use a single code for client and server-side thus saving the time of the developer up to a great extent.

SEO optimized solutions

No business wants to lose the customer so this is the reason the business enterprises are using Node JS for the development of website applications. Search engine optimization is the one thing that your company doesn’t want to lose out on. The backend rendering feature of Node.js gives the website more visibility on the search engines. Just focus on your services and speed and it will add value to the SEO prospects along with a high-quality user experience.

Easy hosting

As Node.JS is adding more and more features and facilities in it thus more and more open-source development companies are choosing Node.js, platform. The new platform is offering great help to those concerned in providing Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) services. This is the reason that it is used widely by the business for getting simplified hosting services.


With this, the productivity of businesses has been increased. The main reason behind this is using the same line of code and thus this is possible because it is saving a lot of time for developers. There are integer numbers of front-end and back-end processes that are significant. The unity of both the teams into a single unit also has boosted the productivity and web development rate up to 2 times.

Cross-Platform Development

Now it is quite easy to create cross platforms desktop applications with the help of Node Platforms. The cross-platform development means that the developer can use some of the code from the Web app and can use it in the desktop versions and some code from the macOS, Linux ad windows. A single team of front end and back end developers work on your Web app and can deliver a desktop app without having proficient information of Objective-C, C#, or any other particular language for the development of apps.

Why Should Enterprises Go With Node.js app development?

It is quite a common thing that every programming language has something to offer to its users that will motivate them to use it. The same thing goes with Node JS programming language as it will give you a number of reasons to choose them above others. Its unique features and forward-looking way of developing even complex applications in an easy manner have made Node.js stand ahead of other programming technologies in the marketplace.


In nutshell, we can say that there are plenty of reasons that make Node.js a competent option to create a web application. The Programming language along with time and money also helps in increasing the overall productivity o the businesses. With less turnaround time the framework empowers developers to utilize the web application in its full power and give up desirable results. So this was all from our end hope you enjoyed this discussion. Moreover, you can also share your thoughts with us that will make the web app development process smooth.

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