Why Inclusive Web Design with SEO Wins 2020
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Today as we know, web design and search engine optimization are the 2 most important factors that build the fundamentals of a website.

The world of technology and marketing has evolved drastically over the years. And we are still making progress keeping ourselves amended to the cutting-edge technological advancements.

Now as a business, while you put your products or service online, the first constituent you necessitate is a proficient web designer and the second is a skilled SEO.

Today, these two have become two sides of one coin. Without these two your website can never make it to the top.

An SEO expert will help you to get your website to rank higher in the search engine, but it seems to be difficult if your webpage isn’t designed to abide by the  W3C standards.

Businesses still happen to go through the same mistake of first creating the website and then hire an SEO specialist, but it would have been much more efficient if the 2 are put to work combined.

Integration of inclusive web design with the support of SEO spawns new opportunities for both web designers and digital marketers.

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Website design plays a crucial role in boosting SEO and overall website performance. So, it is important to use a great website builder and hire an SEO expert.

The next important challenge is to bring your targeted customer to your web page. You have to figure out who are your potential customers so that you can mark them in web design decisions and search engine results.

SEO can be categorized into several layers that need attention and efficiency and one of them is the layer of the community (your potential customers).

Let’s briefly discuss how to target your customer

Search Engine Marketing for People -SEO-Layer 1

An SEO expert’s primary objective is to rank your web pages higher for specific search terms. As I have mentioned before, if not the webpages are designed in guidance to the W3C norms or maintained, it can create performance issues.

While working on the website and SEO applications, you need to keep the user experience(UX) in mind, which is the most important factor to determine your website’s usability and efficiency.

An integrated UX (user experience) and SEO is the good habit of optimizing the user experience as a whole rather than focusing on specific areas.

The combination of these two can lead to inclusive design such as :

  • Influential Web Design
  • The Information Architecture
  • Accessibility of Website
  • Learning Human Behaviour
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Creation

These are assistive virtual tools that contain a humongous opportunity for search engine marketers and web designers to delve into. The exploratory road never comes to an end and that’s the reason SEO’s will never be extinct.

Let’s roll on…

Why an inclusive Web Design with SEO Wins 2020?

A digital marketer who plays with conversion designs and impressive architecture keeps in mind that the experience they create for users should fit in mobile phones, tab, iPad, and computers. You have to look for people who you may have left behind while targeting. Incorporating web designs with SEO goes step-by-step.

Look for an accessible target market

As an SEO professional, your only concern is to generate revenues by boosting the web page ranking, and a web page should target your potential customers, and the word “potential” should include everybody starting from a blind device user to an old person with a disability. The main objective while designing accessibility options is to eliminate any obstacles that make your website or application complicated for the target audience.

Your website design should be completely inclusive. So, that a vast range of your target audience can access your website seamlessly without having to face any difficulty.

Let’s suppose a deaf user wanting to take your service with the help of voice search, while you give a discount on your product it should be the same for everyone, or the font you use in your website should be readable to everybody equally. If a certain percentage of visitors fail to benefit from your website, then you should come with a solution for both abled and disabled users.

Inclusiveness arrives with Technology

We have eventually figured out how users compute, search online for information or product/service, and carry online activities and these researches led to inspiring breakthroughs in machine learning and AI.

Today we consider certain factors while designing web pages that will respond favorably to a precise search query result. A few of the factors are when to add color, which color to go with matchable fonts, how to create perfect content architecture, where to put links, how to use the white space, where to put the CTA so that they attract users.

When you start working with these factors, you can certainly help people to make decisions, whether in a search engine or one of your web pages. Without understanding online customer behavior, it is impossible to satisfy their experience and requirements. This is why businesses spend years to know what their customer wants.

The steps that lead you to Inclusive Design

If the website you create doesn’t function or benefit everyone, it becomes a target apparently for bad reviews, social media criticizers, and most importantly the ADA website lawsuit.

While making an inclusive design you need to keep a few factors that help website visitors make a satisfactory decision while they are on your website.

  • If they are able to go through and understand your content.
  • If your webpage is optimized for mobile device users
  • Are they able to figure out where to go on your website when they are anxious?
  • If your visitors are able to use forms on any computer, be it without a mouse or mouse pointer?

If you have just started up with your business and want to do research on your competitors, just notice if there are complaints from visitors who couldn’t use the website at all or didn’t like the experience.

Here are solid points to keep in mind for inclusive web design for SEO experts :

  • Revisit the source code to solve issues for screen readers.
  • Your customer shouldn’t contact you with one method for customer service. Try providing them with alternative ways of making contacts.
  • Never change words such as Contact Us or About us, because it will become impossible for screen readers to get those pages quickly and not finding it will make them anxious and unsatisfied.
  • Make sure all of your visitors can access PDF and Word documents while you optimize it.
  • Always assure that a user’s sensory abilities must not prevent them from receiving information.
  • While creating content for your website, include interesting subheadings, illustrative visuals, shorter sentences, and bullets to captivate your visitors.
  • While you optimize your content, you should begin the main content of the page with a level 1 heading and the rest of the page should be categorized into sub-section by level 2 headings.
  • When you publish new articles or blogs, do not forget to include a brief summary or table of content of the important points or sub-headings at the beginning of the article.

Take Away

Inclusive designs can create a world full of opportunities to hail into a wider target market. Several SEO specialists and agencies are trying to put on additional services to include inclusive design and accessibility. Inclusive web designs with SEO wins 2020 because it is the future of almost every business worldwide.

Author Bio:

Rintu Biswas has been working as a content marketer since 2011. He is very passionate about SEO and white hat link building. His main aim is to learn new things and do experiments, especially in link building. Currently, he is managing the content creation with Digital SEO Land.

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