Struggling to Sell on Amazon Here’s How to Fix Up Your Store
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Amazon may be an incredibly simple place to set up an online store, but it’s by no means an easy place to sell products sustainably. Because of the high level of competition in each niche, it can prove highly difficult to attract the critical mass of customers to make your store truly profitable and earn you a living wage.

Sell on Amazon

This guide is about how you’ll turn the tables, making an existing Amazon store fire on all cylinders, boosting your sales and your revenue as a result.


The first things to consider are the absolute basics. You should make sure that your store is accurately listed and well set up in order to ensure that you’re attracting the right cohort of consumers and you’re not scaring them away with typos and poor images. As such, you should focus on:

  • Ensuring all your web copy is expertly written in order to persuade consumers to part with their cash
  • Editing your existing photographs, or taking new ones, to show off your products in the best light
  • Checking your listing categories to ensure that you’re correctly filed on Amazon and that your product listings are correct

Focus first on these basic elements of an online store so that you can turn your attention to more technical matters a little later on.

Advanced Marketing

You may have attempted to market your products on Amazon with little in the way of tangible results. That’s often the case for companies that attempt to make ton their own, with little knowledge of how effective marketing works. Instead of risking your cash on what might be poorly executed campaigns, it’s advised that you instead partner with experts in the field to boost your reach.

You can do this by contacting Amazon consultants – Nuanced Media being one of the leaders in this field. They’ll take a look over your store before building your marketing campaigns for you. They’ll take the stress of marketing off your hands, delivering results that only experts would be capable of.


Finally, it’s well worth scoping out for partnerships across different platforms in order to find influencers or other stores that might be willing to promote your products for you. The most famous influencers will expect a fee to market your products, but some of the lesser-known influencers on the market will simply publish a photograph of them with your product in exchange for free products and samples.

Meanwhile, existing stores with higher web traffic may also be willing to partner with you. It’s well worth reaching out to stores that you’re not in direct competition with, as some may be interested in sharing consumers and directing their existing customers to your store. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with potential partners, as an email only takes a minute to write but could end in lucrative partnerships for your firm.

Make these changes to your Amazon store to see its chances of attracting visitors and shoppers far higher, expanding your reach and boosting your revenue.

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