The Basics of SEO - Short Guide to SEO
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The Basics of SEO: Everyone has to start somewhere when it comes to SEO. It may seem intimidating at first, but that’s why we are here to help. Here are a few things for you to know so that you can build up your knowledge base.

Get a Good Domain Name

This may seem simple, but it’s something that people often try to get too cute with. You want something that is straightforward and tells the person looking at it what it is. The shorter the domain name, the better chances that you have of them remembering it.

Try to Get a .com address if you can

While getting something that ends in .org isn’t the end of the world if you are a charity, people tend to gravitate toward sites with the .com at the end. They may forget about ones that have endings like .biz.

Use an Open-Source Platform if You Can

Try to use a site like WordPress since it is customizable and you can also add plug-ins that can help you with your SEO. There are also ones that have a lot of support, so you should do research before committing to one.

Find a Secure Web Host

You want to make sure that your information is securely stored. That means you want to get a host that has strong security. You should also try to get one that has servers in the same country as the people who are going to be visiting your site.

Make Your Site Easy to Navigate

That means you want any user that comes to your site to find a simple site that lays out where they should click to find the information that they are looking for. If they get frustrated easily, then they will exit the site. You might get some early numbers with a bad site, but there will be almost no return traffic.

Write Content That People Will Find

Try to think like someone who goes to Google to search for something that is related to your field. Make sure that your content is tailored toward that and include key phrases that you know will get interested. Always be looking to see what possible search queries will fit your bill.

This is just a start. The SEO field is an ever-evolving one and you will find yourself constantly evaluating and re-evaluating what works. But if you do this, you will start off on a good foot.

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