Top Apps For Students of All Ages To Use During Lockdown
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Recently, students have faced disruptions to their lives. Not only have their entire day’s routines rescheduled due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but they are also missing their friends due to the lockdown imposed around the states. But this is for the benefit of the people as COVID-19 has not only become the cause of thousands of deaths around the country, but the numbers are increasingly alarming.

Top Apps For Students of All Ages

In such a situation mobile apps and other software are being used in the classroom to make sure the educational process of the students doesn’t get affected and students of all ages remain indoors and study. No matter who you are, whether you are a parent, an educator, or an education expert, or a student, you can simply download these apps on your iPhone or an Android device. The best way to get these apps is by downloading them from the internet service by Buytvinternetphone at very amazing speeds and enhancing your learning process and educational activities from these incredible educational apps. To get started with you can have a look at the following popular apps and enhance the way you teach and learn:


Parents always want to celebrate whenever their kids achieve something in life. Hence, it is important that you keep a student’s parents or guardians in the loop and let them know whenever they achieve something during their school years. Seesaw is the app that maintains the student’s portfolio, kids can store and post their best work and share it with their parents. The app helps things that need to be maintained on the teacher’s end and provides substantial examples of the student’s strengths and areas where they need improvement.


Teachers always like to create a lot of excitement for their students and turn a boring lesson into a game. This motivates students to study and participate in the class as well. But not many teachers have the skill to make this happen. The app makes things quite easy for teachers to turn your class lectures and lessons into a game. All you need to do is enter the questions and turn them into an interactive and playable game. Students can download the app and use a buzzer to join the game and have a fun educational session. You can start off with a simple task at home and view the key stats available in your Profile.

Google Classroom

If you have used the G Suite for Education that was known as Google Apps For Education some time ago, there is a chance that you are already aware of Google Classroom. The tool not only helps you distribute and grade assignments using the application, but you can also organize the class material using your Google Drive as well. The tool is ideal if you reach more students in an easy way. You can also engage your students in discussions, make announcements and boost the engagement of your class using Student Selector. The Student Selector helps teachers to pick students that are part of their roster to encourage maximum classroom participation


For iOS users, the app is very beneficial. You can use the app on your iPad and get the Doceri application. The app is only available for iOS platforms and makes your mobile devices act as a portable interactive whiteboard. You can annotate the material you have on-screen while you are teaching and create a more interactive environment for your students. Besides letting you handwrite equations and do a lot of brainstorming using Venn Diagrams, the app can record the class and post lectures and other material right from your iPad. To make sure that you are able to use the app in a more effective way, use the app with Spectrum Internet which you can get using the 24/7 Spectrum internet customer service number.


Imagine what kind of a nightmare it would become if you require to field trip parental consent forms from students. The class tree helps you attach a consent form for parents so that they can e-sign and get along with the announcement. The app helps you add optional questions, manage comments from parents, facilitate users when there is an urgent inquiry and perform a lot of other functions. The app also lets you review the names of participants who have seen your note and people who are left with signing the form.


Using applications, games and other methods are not only going to make things easier for teachers by making sure that their teaching process becomes streamlined, easy to handle, and more interactive. There are many other apps that can be introduced and make studies a very exciting activity. So use the above-mentioned apps and stay active while you are in class discussions. Also, you can discover new things not only about the world but the whole universe as well.

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