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Fiverr Job Ideas: The COVID-19 pandemic has reduced people to a very sedentary lifestyle. So, it’s only logical to search for ways to earn a living from home. However, finding a part-time job can be challenging even for the most qualified individuals. Besides, it gets more complex when looking for a flexible job that lets you balance other commitments, such as education. Are you in a similar trifle?  Well, let us introduce you to the mystic, wonderful world of freelancing on Fiverr.

In essence, Fiverr is an online marketplace where freelancers get to market/advertise various services. Apart from being a great way to earn quick bucks, students can use this platform to extract tons of value from gigs such as proofreading. Freelancer gigs are a great place to start earning part-time as they allow you to put your talents and skills to their best use conveniently!

Fiverr’s appeal comes from its diversity of buyers and sellers. Currently, Fiverr hosts the highest number of users relative to any other freelancing platform. Therefore, you’re more likely to find prospective clients by searching for Fiverr gigs in particular niches.

The good news? No matter what services you bring to this digital marketplace, you will find an ever-increasing demand for them. The key to a thriving freelancing career is focusing on and exploiting your current expertise and knowing how to improve specific areas of your resume by doing so. Are you worried about landing your first gig? We’ve put together this helpful guide of the top gigs that’ll let you make a lot of money on Fiverr with ease and flexibility.

Fiverr Job Ideas

Bear in mind that there’s a reason behind the name “Fiverr.” As a beginner, you must offer your services at $5. Clients don’t prefer newbies, and they’re not going to buy your gig if it’s too expensive. Take it slow and focus on building your customer base first. Then you can increase prices as you advance.

Anyway, let’s get to the point!

Graphic And Logo Design

Brand identity and logo are a high priority for most up-and-coming businesses. If you’re a logo designer, now is your chance to turn your talent into a sustaining career. The greater your expertise in design, the more value you’ll have as a freelancer. Setting up a portfolio can illustrate your talents to the buyers to judge if your capabilities suit their needs.

Logo design can pay quite handsomely, and you can earn around $50 to $100 a pop. However, many other factors determine the money you make, including client testimonials, skills, talents, and your art portfolio.

Content/Copy Writing

The only requirement to get started as a content/copywriter is your precious time. It’s an excellent first freelancer gig that involves no hidden setup costs. However, refrain from offering a generic writing gig and instead, offer something more specific to your interests.

No, you don’t have to be particularly tech-savvy to make money on Fiverr. If you can seamlessly weave a few words together, then voila! Any wordsmith can easily earn on the side by offering their copywriting services. Focus on writing high-quality content that keeps your clients engaged.

Copywriters have a plethora of gigs to choose from. For instance, you can find listings for e-book writing, review writing, and blog writing.

Holding Sign Photography

Sounds weird, doesn’t it? But, it’s an excellent idea to earn off of Fiverr. All you have to do is photograph yourself holding up a sign while standing next to a local landmark.

Conduct Research

Fiverr clients can pay you top dollars to research a project on their behalf. Google, being the know-it-all, already has all the necessary information and resources ready for you. Don’t forget to narrow down your research as it’s preferable if you finish your research in a short period.

Virtual Assistance

You can probably earn a decent amount just by working as a virtual assistant for a company. Most Fiverr buyers only require individuals to sell a few hours of their day for this service, so you can work flexibly.

Photo Editing and Manipulation

Having a basic knowledge of photo editing using Photoshop can help you make some serious bucks on Fiverr. You can find many clients wanting to get their image background cleared or cropped off for different uses and purposes.

Whiteboard Animation

You might be wondering, in what world is animation an easy gig to pull off. But, whiteboard animation is not as complicated as most people assume. There’s a multitude of handy software available that simplify this job and let you make a video in one to three hours!

Expert animators recommend using Adobe Animate or Videoscribe. They’re among one of the best and cheapest software to create animated videos.


Video content creators such as YouTubers search for people who can provide voice-overs for their videos. So, if you’re someone with a soothing voice and decent accent in one or more languages, that could do the trick.

$2 per word is a reasonable beginning rate. Remember to increase your rate as you move forward because you can charge up to $30 for this service.

Digital Art/Drawings

Are you familiar with using automated photo-based drawing tools? If yes, then you can be on your way to creating digital drawings in no time! Many customers are on a hunt for custom graphics based on personal images or pictures. You can be their supplier.

Design Business Cards

Small businesses and big companies alike consider business cards a crucial part of their marketing. The demand for graphic skills on Fiverr significantly outweighs the supply. So even if you’re only fairly good at graphic design, you can design business cards for customers.

Essay Proofreading

Do you ever proofread your writing (hint: college essays) repeatedly, only to detect the pesky mistake after hitting publish? For that reason, proofreading is among the most popular and in-demand services on Fiverr. Once you build up a good enough reputation, you’ll be drowning in gigs!

Social Media Marketing/Management

Hear ye Millennials and Gen Z! Here’s your chance to shine. Any regular users of common social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can effortlessly excel at this gig. Social media marketing and management are some of the simplest yet most entertaining gigs on Fiverr.

Typically, social media marketing consists of creating content for posts and promoting the buyer’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages. A beginner can quickly make about $20-$30 per month.

In Essence

If you’re starting out on Fiverr, don’t get your expectations too high. You are not getting an order straight away or even in the first month itself. Freelancing requires patience and wait, lots of it. Keep in mind there are already millions of individuals bidding on the same Fiverr gigs as you are. Don’t have an idea on how to get your first order? This article discusses some superb ideas to make fast cash on Fiverr. These include content writing, graphic design, whiteboard animation, proofreading, and social media management.

Be unique and authentic in your approach. Pay attention to what sets you apart from the crowd, the pricing of gigs, and your title and description. If you do all this, you’ll be getting gigs left and right!

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