How Paraphrasing Tool Helps Students to Write Unique Content
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Nowadays, there are various tools available online that can assist students in performing their academic tasks successfully.

Paraphrasing tools bring innovative solutions for the students to make their assignments unique and readable. These tools provide various options that help rephrase specific terms or words to make the content look unique without changing the meaning.

Many people question the working of these tools and how students can get the best out of their features to write unique assignments.

This article will explain how the paraphrasing tool helps students write unique content by discussing their benefits and functioning. We will also share the concept of paraphrasing tools to produce unique content in academic activities.

What is the Concept of Paraphrasing Tool in Academic Writing?

The operation and working of this tool are pretty simple. You have to paste the content into the tool’s input section, which will then do the job. These tools are now available as online, mobile, and desktop applications.

Almost every paraphrasing tool follows the same concept to produce plagiarism-free content. These tools change the existing words with their synonyms to make the content unique. However, some tools go one step beyond by providing built-in rephrasing features powered by artificial intelligence.

How Paraphrasing Tool Can Help Students to Write Unique Content

Every student’s priority is creating original content for their assignments to score better grades. In that regard, paraphrasing tools can help students with academic activities in the following ways.

Improves Paragraphs Structure

With the enhanced AI technology, paraphrasing tools have improved clarity and fluency with proper structuring. You won’t find big blocks of text as output. Instead, it structures the paragraph to feature specific information in each section.

This technology applies the best terms to change the words with their synonyms. This way, the content’s meaning is presented uniquely without affecting the structure.

Finds the Best Synonyms

The human knowledge level is not competitive compared to the database carried by an intelligent tool. The basic rule of paraphrasing is to swap the meaning of specific terms and words with synonyms. But remembering synonyms for all the terms in existence seems nearly impossible.

However, the paraphrasing tool can do this job for you. Paraphrases are trained to find the best meanings of words from their extensive library to make the sentence look unique.

AI tools understand the context of the sentence and find the best alternative of words to replace it. Each word has dozens of synonyms against it, and the paraphrasing tool finds the most suitable one for you to fit in the context.

Enhances Content Flow

The flow of writing refers to its readability. Suppose if you’re writing a research paper, you have to ensure that each section of the sentence matches the previous one.

Especially if the students are not adequately familiar with the paraphrasing technique, the chances are that they might ruin the readability of the content by scattering the information all over their academic papers.

Therefore, a paraphrasing tool is helpful to maintain the flow of readability in a well-structured manner. These tools analyze the relevancy of words and information to make the content flow readable.

The AI-based paraphrasing tools offer various options to rephrase content according to its readability. They include an option to write content fluently or creatively for each tone and writing style.

Reduces Repetition

Repetition is unbearable in academic writing as educators expect you to keep things unique in all senses. Sometimes you have to refer to some things and you may have very little knowledge of words. In that case, you can rely on the vast database knowledge of paraphrasing tools.

A paraphrasing tool provides numerous synonyms for each word. So, if the tool finds a word repeated multiple times, it will replace that term with a specific meaning. This way, the redundancy will be reduced, and ultimately, the content will seem unique.

Improves Content Tone

The tone of the content refers to a different concept than the flow of the content. In academic writing, the students must maintain a professional sense by using formal language.

A paraphrasing tool allows writing such content with just a click of a button. The paraphrasing tool will find the formal set of words to feature in writing to maintain a professional tone. This practice is expected to follow in almost all types of academic writing, including research papers or thesis writing.

Suggested Tools for Students to Write Plagiarism-free Content

Understanding the needs and persona of students, we have featured two practical tools that would help students paraphrase the academic papers effectively.


The paraphrasing tool by Editpad brings the necessary options to rephrase the text. This tool provides four different options to paraphrase the text, all of which can be accessed for free.

Moreover, it supports many languages, so you don’t have to translate the text for paraphrasing. No payments or signups are required to avail of any of the services provided by Editpad.

2. Linguix

The Linguix paraphrasing tool keeps things simple yet efficient for students. It provides a wide range of settings to assist students in academic writing.

You can select the option to write for “Education”, which is tailor-made for students. However, you may have to sign up to access all these options.


Paraphrasing is a technique that every student should be familiar with. It enables students to write unique content, a core requirement at any stage of academic writing since it’s required to submit plagiarism-free content.

However, it’s not easy to perfect the art of paraphrasing without constant reading and writing practice. In this article, we elaborated on the innovation of technology in the form of paraphrasing tools.

We elaborated on several beneficial factors of how a paraphrasing tool can help students to write unique content. We hope this article was helpful and it gave you some useful knowledge.

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