5 Ideas On How Cross-Promotion Can Beef Up Your Online Business
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Many companies today have multiple social media accounts on different platforms. Cross-promotion is a way of integrating a social media marketing strategy so as to get the most engagement from your followers and have the best reach via your posts.

How Cross-Promotion Can Beef Up Your Online Business

There are other ways to cross-promote via non-competitive companies and brands however our focus today will be solely on the big social media marketing methods that you can implement to beef up your business.

However, as you likely already know, each social media platform works differently and caters to a different demographic. Therefore, what might work on one platform may not work on the others. For this reason, we have 5 big tips to help you best use your multiple social media accounts in unison.

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1. Avoid Cross-Posting

Whilst cross-promotion can be great cross-posting where you post the article on every account is not. They can come across as impersonal and just downright lazy. No one wants to see mentions of tweets on Facebook and neither do Instagramers want to see mentions of your Facebook profile.

Cater to each platform and tailor your message so that it is appropriate for your specified audience. Make sure that the language that you use, the tone, and the hashtags are all optimized for the platform you are using.

2. Add Links In Your Profile

A great way to get more followers and promote your other social media accounts is to add links to them in your profile section. So if you are on Facebook, add links to your Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc. It’s free advertising that you should definitely be using and it gives your existing followers a chance to follow you on other platforms.

Everyone has more followers on one platform than they do the others however, even than the followers that you have on one platform may not be the same as you have on the others. Therefore this can get you a lot more followers with minimal effort.

3. Optimize Your Images

Images are the kings of social media engagement and are often what will make your post shine or stand out from the crowd. However, not all images appear the same on each platform.

If someone sees a cropped image on Twitter, most people won’t click on it to see what it actually is. Much better is to resize it to the correct format so that everyone sees the whole picture and you get the image’s full effect. Check how each social media platform may cut or crop your image and adjust it accordingly.

4. Customized Tracking URLs

If you are going to post about something on your website to multiple social media channels then you are going to want to know what was most effective and where people that click on the link are actually coming from. This is where customized tracking URLs are great. They pinpoint where your interaction is coming from so you can boost your less effective areas as needed.

5. Special Events

Often there are giveaways, promotions, and special events that are specific to one social platform. Even if you have a favorite type of social media that you use, or this event only applies to one platform, you should take this opportunity to guide everyone to the event.

This means that you need to tell people on other social media platforms about it and where they need to go to find it. Send them a link and tell them what they need to do. Most people use more than one social media platform so you might as well let that work to your benefit.

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