How to maximize conversion for a small e-commerce store
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In layman’s language, Conversion Rate is the number of conversions divided by the number of website visitors. An increment in conversion rate means website traffic converts into meaningful leads to grow the business, increase sales, social media followers, and so on.

An eCommerce store is an online portal where one can engage in buying and selling goods and services. This is the portal/platform where one can place an order, track it, receive the product, and watch the reviews of the products and services.

Thus, here are the hacks to maximize the conversion for small eCommerce stores:

1. Use High-Quality Videos and Images

And the base of Ecommerce is videos and images. Videos and Images need to be high quality, not only for conversion rates but bounce rates as well. If people see that videos and images are blurred and pixels aren’t correct, they will abandon the website immediately. People see the images before reading the description of the product/service. Thus, invest in high-quality videos and images to optimize conversion rates.

2. Coupon Codes could work like a charm

Who doesn’t like coupon codes? Any product or service bought at discounted price makes the buyer happy. Thus, providing the buyer with a coupon code not only makes him/her interested in your product but also will bring them back for more. Two types of coupon codes should be designed – one for new customers and one for existing ones and see them working like a charm for you. The website will blow if more people receive the coupon codes.

3. Responsive Website Design

The website should be responsive for every device. Most people open the website on a phone rather than a laptop or desktop. However, if you have an app for your eCommerce store, it will prove to be beneficial to you. People can easily download it and place an order with you. Another advantage of having a responsive website is that it can be maintained or upgraded infrequently. Thus, this cost could be invested in the CRO area.

4. Free shipping is the magic potion

Shipping charges are as good as the price of the product, which makes the customer think twice before placing the order with you. Thus, free shipping is the magic potion to increasing conversions. Psychology says that people like to buy products from the comfort of their couches without paying extra for them. It improves sales along with the loyalty of the customer. Mostly if people are satisfied with your brand, there are lesser chances that they will switch to the other brand. Thus, offer free shipping and see it work its magic.

5. Shopping Cart Abandonment Software Investment

Investing in shopping card abandonment will not only help you gather the data but also help you reach out to your customer at a personalized level. When someone adds something to their shopping cart and leaves without buying it, you should notify them, and then you should be able to convert them by offering a discount. If not the discount, then you should be able to offer them something which tempts them to checkout.

6. Chatbots

Chatbots are an investment in your brand. Investing in it can make them feel that they are unique to you. They cannot replace humans, but they can certainly help people stay on the website long enough to get converted. Whenever people are confused with the navigation, they can ask the chatbot for help. And apart from that, whenever people visit the website, they should be met by the chatbot first to ask a query.

7. Safety of the customer data

If people are ensured that the website they have clicked to buy the product or services, they will end up buying from it more than once. The website’s safety ensures loyalty and brings in new customers from recommendations that come from positive reviews.

In the era of scams, if your eCommerce store is small, then it could be easily mistaken as a scam. People might not trust you, thinking that you breach data privacy. Thus, let them choose cash on delivery as an option. And if you are only accepting online payments, mention that in your terms and conditions. Let them see for themselves that your website is safe, and so are your details.

8. Reviews

Reviews – positive or negative; matter a lot. Big eCommerce stores like Amazon and Etsy also encourage reviews and ask for feedback from customers from time to time. Thus, you can do so. Positive reviews bring in more customers. Reviews also encourage impulse buying to the point where a person might not buy a certain kind of product otherwise, but because of the reviews, he/she might.

9. Finding the product made easier

Most people hardly know how to find the things they are looking for. Thus, investing in the keywords needs to be made. Contact the best SEO companies and services and tell them what you want from them. They will work on the keywords for your eCommerce store and make the product search easier. And that will increase not only the conversion rates but sales as well.

10. Social Media conversions

Social Media is a place where most conversions for small eCommerce stores happen. People might not buy from their websites at first. They place their orders on the brand’s social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. People spend their time on social media and do instinctive buying while using the platform. It is not pre-planned, but while scrolling, they come across something that they like, which will motivate them to buy.

Thus, intuitive conversions are the ones that come from social media. Many eCommerce stores have taken advantage of social media and have gotten higher conversion rates.

11. Smooth checkout process

Abandonment of the cart because of the hassled checkout process is the most common phenomenon with online buying. It is a hassle to buy a product when the checkout process is not smooth. If the person is stuck at the checkout counter, then he won’t go ahead with buying the products. Thus, it should be smooth and hassle-free. Instead of keeping complicated steps, keeping it simple and easy and the process understandable will increase the conversion rate.

So, if this would be solved/nullified, sales and conversion rates will increase.

12. Describe the product honestly and provide all the details

People do not feel betrayed when products are described honestly with the details. They will not like it if the product shown is different from what they receive. If people are scammed about the size, quality, pricing, and packing of the product, then they might complain against you, and the conversion rate might turn into a bounce rate that is not suitable for the website.

Bonus: Checkout as a guest

People do not like things slow anymore, and they just want to buy the product and leave to finish thousands of pending things they are yet to finish. Hence, they won’t get into the procedure of logging in and will not buy the product if they have to. Checking out as a guest could work like an MVP quality your website could have.

Giving them the option to check out as a guest will not only rush things, but they might buy a few more things in those few seconds they save.

To Sum it up:

The small eCommerce stores have to work a little harder to optimize the conversion rate. However, it is not impossible because every big eCommerce store, like Amazon, Etsy, Alibaba, etc., was small once. Thus, here are a few top conversion rate optimization service companies that will assist you with increasing conversion rates. Mention your requirements to them and work with them on your brand.

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