How to Optimize Your Website for Google & People
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When it comes to optimizing your website, you need to have appeal for both the Google search engine and the visitors who search for your brand. Remember, each works hand-in-hand to get you traffic and sales to help sustain your business. Here are some ways to optimize your website for Google and the people.

Focus on Descriptive Writing

When you’re writing content, you want it to appeal to Google through being as relevant and descriptive as possible. If you’re teaching this as a new skill for students, it’s a good foundation for them to work on descriptive blog and website posts to help them find out how to do some quality writing online.

Not only will you create content that Google likes, but it’ll get you more in touch with your target audience. Creating value can help you with the Google search engine and the visitors who want to find a place to subscribe and buy products.

Be Consistent

There’s nothing worse than going to a website where it looks the same months at a time. Keep things interesting on your page weekly. When people see that you haven’t updated your site in a while, that means you might lose subscribers, or your bounce rate increases.

Google takes notice of how long people stay on your site, which could ultimately decrease your rankings. They may deem your page as less authoritative, or the content isn’t relevant to the topic.

When you start to drop off on Google search, it gives your competitors room to shine over your brand. Always do your best to put out consistent content to keep your audience from getting their fix elsewhere.

Make Navigation Easier

The user experience is everything. You want to organize your site to help the search engine crawlers index your site. When you post images, you want quality descriptions to help different search algorithms know the pictures and written content flow together.

Also, you want to keep everything neat for your visitors. You never want to discourage a visitor when he can’t find everything within minutes. Have the meat of your important content on the homepage. They can find different sections of your site by clicking the top of your page on the left or right cursor.

Additionally, it’s imperative to have function over fashion. In other words, take down a lot of the flashy things that slow down your site. You want the pages to load quickly to help your audience have a seamless experience.

Create Standout Titles

Clickbait is a big thing when it comes to the internet. A killer title makes people want to click your site right away. However, you need to match the title with stellar content.

If you have a post about losing weight, the content should match the title. Use meta descriptions to get more link juice on the search engine to help visitors get your results first.

Good Video Content

While search engines can’t fully index your videos, it’s still good to write captions under them. It works well on YouTube because Google owns the social media site. You can work intelligently to have your YouTube videos on your website for an extra traffic boost.

Relevant video content is more entertaining, anyway. It’ll keep people on your page, and they’re more inclined to share it with like-minded people. Search engines love when people share your posts to keep your site more relevant. It can give you a boost in the search results.

Search engine optimization can help you get more traction on Google and keep your core audience interested in your content.

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