Online Leave Management System will Transform the Future of Remote Working

With the onset of the global pandemic, there has been an increase in the work of the HR department. After all, they are the ones who need to schedule the shifts, manage the remote and hybrid employees and process their leaves, attendance as well as salaries based on it.

In this scenario, having an online leave management system helps them in dealing with the increased efforts required in dealing with remote and hybrid employees. Let us understand how deploying an online leave management system would help in transforming the future of remote working.

AI-based Project Management

AI has become the go-to tool in the HR software domain. It is employed to improve the efficiency of several HR tasks such as recording biometric attendance, answering employee queries, verifying pay slips, etc.

AI is also used in developing insightful reports and making calculated predictions. It helps in understanding the leave patterns, workforce availability, etc. that affect the schedule of project delivery. It helps the managers understand the leave patterns, employee productivity and make a calculated guess of the projected project deadline. It ensures better client satisfaction due to the on-time delivery of the project.


Being a leave management system, tracking the attendance and leaves of the employees is its primary task. However, it should also be capable of integrating the organizational policies into its internal calendar. Thus, the LMS would be able to schedule 24/7 rotational shifts, provide flexible week-offs, etc. based on the company policies.

It should also have the functionality to assess employee productivity by utilizing real-time trackers. Having this insight helps the management understand their employee’s dedication towards the given task and get a fair idea about their efficiency and productivity. This insight helps them in recognizing and rewarding deserving employees.

Cloud-based LMS

From the pointers discussed above, we can infer that such functions can be implemented only if the leave management system is online and based on the cloud infrastructure. Having a cloud-based LMS has multiple advantages such as cross-platform usability, 24/7 access as well as remote accessibility.

It ensures that the remote and hybrid workforce can access their details irrespective of wherever they are located. The HR department can also access and make changes to its database from anywhere due to the aforementioned benefits of the online leave management system.

Flexible Payments

Online leave management systems are highly scalable and can be customized as per the company’s requirements. Hence, companies can opt to select the modules that they require and avoid the unnecessary ones to save the recurring subscription costs.

Additionally, since the cloud-based software is usually based on the subscription-based payment model, there are no added costs incurred due to nasty surprises like server maintenance, downtime, etc. Hence, the companies deploying such software can have peace of mind knowing that their data is safe and secure and is available anytime they require it.

Advanced Reporting

Cloud-based systems can utilize the power of AI to develop meaningful reports. They can even provide real-time reports based on real-time data with interactive dashboards. The insights provided by these reports help match the employee’s leave attributes and performance to predict their attrition probability, their engagement, and many other factors that would help in effectively retaining them.

The advanced analytics provided by AI-enhanced leave management systems also help the company understand which of their employee engagement initiatives are working and which aren’t. Based on this data, HR can concoct newer strategies to enhance the employer brand of the company and improve the overall employee experience even when the employees are working remotely.

Enhanced Self-service

Having the option to access their data from the cloud also decreases the dependency on HR for the employees. With the help of an online leave management system, the employees are empowered to request leaves, verify on-duty status, edit their information, etc. right from their homes.

Conversely, even the HR department need not depend on the IT teams to make any necessary changes if required. Having this option increases their efficiency as they can make changes on the fly and take quick actions.


Having an online leave management system will transform the future of remote working for everyone. It will benefit the employees, the HR, and the managers too. The employees would be able to view and edit their details in the system as well as apply for leaves and enquire directly to the system’s AI-enabled chatbot for getting information.

The HR can manage the employees, provide remote assistance if required and take necessary steps to enhance their engagement rate with the company. As for the managers and supervisors, an AI-based leave management system would be able to make calculated predictions that would help them improve their company management tactics.

Hence, the online leave management system becomes a strong ally in steering the organization towards success, thereby transforming the future of remote working.

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John Paul Davis is a content writer with Pocket HRMS, an innovative AI-driven cloud-based HR software provider in India with over a decade of loyal clientele. His handiwork usually reflects the latest technologies in the HR domain.

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