Top Minimalist Applications for iPhone
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Steve Jobs has forever been known for his supremely minimalist lifestyle. Back in the day, the only little furniture he has in his house was a bed, a chair, and a lamp. He believed that simplifying your routine and clearing your environment can do wonders in reducing your stress levels and keeping your mind sorted. It is the reason why Apple designs have always been their minimalist best.

Top Minimalist Applications for iPhone

If you wish to simplify your life, you need some applications on your phone. So, here, we have come up with a few minimalist applications that can simplify, de-stress, and declutter your life. Let us take a look at them one by one.


It is a calendar, which combines contacts, maps, weather, and events in a single application. With the application, it is easy for you to organize your agenda systematically and beautifully with different views available. You can use the Timepage application across all your Apple devices, says Mia, who offers online homework writing services. You get a free trial with the application, but you can opt for any of the paid membership options available for the application after the trial is over.

Google Tasks

It is an incredibly lightweight task organization application that comes with an incredibly minimalist design. Using the application, you can add and track the things that are on your to-do list. The application is integrated with other Google applications for synchronization and convenience across your devices. The application is also available for Android users. It is a free mobile app.


Another straightforward and incredibly minimalistic note-taking mobile application that you can use is Bear. The application lets you sort through the notes via the use of hashtags. You can simply synchronize the hashtags with all other devices via iCloud. If you believe in minimalist living, Bear is one of the best mobile applications, says Nupur, head of corporate finance assignment help experts at EduWorldUSA.

Apple News

Apple News is a straightforward application that is clutter-free and delivers every news that is fit to print. The application has native integration with all the other Apple devices. It allows you to you avail of honest news service.

With Apple News, you have access to all of your favorite news sources on all of your Apple devices. The app also lets you save, share, or love a few articles. It enables the application to learn what sources and stories you like the most over time.


If you wish to simplify and automate day-to-day activities and tasks simply by integrating the applications into a single application, then IFTTT – If This, Then that is the application for you. The application works with more than 600 applications across devices. You can easily customize the features via the ‘if then’ statement that correlates to the specific phone actions.

For instance, you can program the phone to share your captured photos easily on Instagram. It is indeed one of the best minimalist applications for iPhones.

Minimalist iPhone practices

If you want even more minimalism out of the iPhone, you can revolutionize the way you use your phone. Here are three ways that you can lead a simplistic life with minimalist practices.

Eliminate non-essential and distracting applications

One way to overcome the smartphone-obsessed bandwagon is to get rid of all the unnecessary applications on the smartphone. These applications are unwanted and do nothing beyond adding a bit of clutter to the phone’s storage space.

Non-essential applications are the ones that do not boost your productivity and do nothing to improve communication. A general rule of thumb, if you have not used an application in the past six months, get rid of it, suggests Hardik, who offers to buy assignment online services

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Get rid of all the unnecessary applications

If you wish to have all the social media applications on the phone, but their notifications have started bothering you, you can now choose to edit your phone’s notification settings. You can do this via your phone’s settings or via your social media accounts. These signals are not urgent, and you can decide to open and use the applications when you have adequate time to browse through the notifications.

For me, it is hard to focus on anything when my phone keeps sending me notifications over and over again, says Trisha, who works with EssayWriter4U. If you are like Trisha, it is best to turn off the notifications.

Minimalist apps and home screen

Many smartphones these days come with tempting home screens, which are littered with several different types of distracting applications. An incredible trick to ensure that your phone has a minimalist home screen is by making it as bare as you can. One of the best tricks to do this is by stacking all the non-urgent applications in one separate folder. It is best to have just two to five applications on the home screen.

Consider all the applications that you use the most – messaging application, camera, notepad, and calendar. If you need a couple of applications, stack them into a folder, and you can move them away from your primary home screen. It will also prevent you from opening Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, every time you look at your own.

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