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Social bookmarking is a brand new trend in internet search engine optimization, that has accumulated recognition as part of a brand new type of web site optimization, termed Social network optimization. Social Bookmarking, also referred to sometimes as Social bookmarketing, is the term used for bookmarking sites on the web and sharing them with friends. It’s comparable to bookmarking a site on your pc, in the Favorites of your browser. There’s an escalating number of web sites available online that gives this as a free service for bookmarking your sites or blogs online. Once you’ve created a free account, you might begin adding bookmarks to your account. 

Unknown Facts About Social Bookmarking

The edge is that once you’ve bookmarked any site then you can access them from anyplace online, and also share them with friends. So how is social bookmarking useful for Search engine optimization you ask? Bookmarking sites are Tag-based- which suggests you can Tag them with keywords so your visitors who memorize your site can find them easily later. Search engines index these tags, and also the link, so you’re essentially getting free one-way links from high sites traffic, with all your keywords attached to them. It’s a good way of getting your web site visitors working for you. 

Choosing proper tag names is crucial and plays a very important role if you wish to truly get social bookmarking to work for you in your internet search engine optimization process. The intriguing thing is that there are no limitations for the number of tags you can attach to your link. The extent to which you declare tags will allow for your site’s info to be stored. When someone notifies your site, the bookmarking site checks the tags to see if the link already exists. So by periodically changing your bookmark tags, you may get more links with different tags on the same site. 

Put simply, your site will be stored on different pages and you’ll get links from the different pages of the same sites. Since these sites are on a regular basis crawled by search engines, your site will more than likely also be crawled more frequently by having bookmarked links on these web sites. The author is a website marketing executive for Phoenix & Las Vegas, based web design & marketing firm – Vision Media Corporation. Vision Media is Specialize in rich web application development, internet search engine optimization, custom web site design, multi-media production, along with other rich web applications.

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