Upcoming Crowd-Pleasing Technologies
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Upcoming Crowd-Pleasing Technologies: There are some technological trends that are going to be forgotten over time and there are some trends that will continue to stay until they are outdated or require an update. Those updates are going to get traction as well as the major funding over time to time.

The technology is also getting evolved at a rapid pace that most of the future predictions seem out of date too soon. The one thing that technology has promised is a faster change and progress that has caused an acceleration in the rate of change. It is an area that has seen exponential growth.

Upcoming Crowd-Pleasing Technologies

There are many technological changes that have made their mark in the past years. Those technologies have been listed by the latest and upcoming technology trends. One of those technologies might be considered as a full-time trend by the year 2020.

Any employee like someone working in the IT industry is constantly learning and lies to stay in touch with the constant technological trends. These trends mean keeping one eye on the future. This is so because these trends are also going to form new jobs.

Also, as a business head or an employee working in the IT industry, it is your job to look ahead and look for the most significant trends.

In this article, below you are going to find some of the most prominent and crowd-pleasing technologies that you will learn about in 2020:

Artificial Intelligence:

The growth of Artificial Intelligence is among the topmost evolutions of our times. There are many companies that have started exploring how they can use AI and improving their customer service.

This is going to continue in the year 2020 as the people are going to work and live in an environment that is surrounded by Artificial intelligence. It is believed that people are going to be working alongside the AI-based systems and will become used to this technology.

There will be many many AI applications that will continue to provide various service platforms. This will allow us to feed on our own data. Many of these platforms are being provided by some of the biggest corporations around the world like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

In the year 2020, the users are going to adopt the AI technology widely and more corporations will start to provide what people today are calling the technology from the future. This means that the AI will be used all over the world and there will be no excuses as to why it is not applied for regular use.

5G data networks:

The 5th generation of mobile network connectivity is going to give the super-fast download as well as upload speeds that will provide more stable connections. Although it was available this year, as well as the wide usage of this technology, it will be applied in the year 2020.

The functioning of such fast networks is very limited as well as very expensive due to which its usage is very limited. But the year 2020 is going to become the year when the 5G will really start to fly high and will become more affordable. Just think of using Google Maps that will show exactly your precise location.

There will be wide coverage as well which means that everyone is going to have a lot of fun using high-speed internet. 

With the super-fast data networks, you can stream movies, watch your favorite serials and much more without having to wait. The other thing that one can gain from a high-speed network is a more responsive google map, which means that you are going to reach your destination on time. The GPS Map Update will be downloaded fast as well. 

The increased speeds are going to mean that it will mean more use of the internet that is running into your homes as well as your business. The companies must know that they need a high-speed internet for faster work completion.

The increased bandwidth is going to expand all the robots and the machines to collect more data than ever. The high-speed internet is welcoming the Internet of Things(IoT) to be part of our environment.

Internet of things(IoT):

The internet of things is among the most attractive technologies around this time and it holds a very solid place. There are more than 9 billion devices connected to the internet and there are going to be more than 20 billion devices attached to IoT.

This is among the concept which has been very useful in the smart home innovation. It has also made Alexa and google home to function easily in the home. In the year 2020, the IoT will become more functional and will also allow controlling aspects of the home like lights and other various equipment.

The utilization of IoT is going to expand beyond the limitations in the coming future as most of the things will get smart very soon. There are various companies in the market that are coming with their own products of technology like Alexa and Google Home.

If your company is related to this industry then you can think of advancing it and enlarging its scope for getting success.

Automatic driving:

We are currently living in a time where we can expect that we will be traveling in autonomous vehicles till 2020. These vehicles tend to increase a significant amount of excitement in the users.

According to the chief of Tesla, Elon Musk expects that his company is going to unveil complete automatic vehicles by the next years. The vehicles will not be having just automatic gears of the transmission but will also be having the automated braking and lane-changing. It is going to be a common sight that we are going to witness such vehicles next year.

The other in-car systems will not be connected to driving. The in-car function like security and entertainment functions are going to become completely automatic and will be relying on analytics and data.

The industry of shipping and tracking is becoming more and more autonomous and there are going to be major breakthroughs that will continue to exist and will make the headlines in 2020.

Virtual reality and Augmented reality:

The virtual and Augmented reality is the vision of the future. VR is going to immerse the user in the environment while the augmented reality will enhance the specifics of the environment. The VR was the platform that was introduced in the gaming primarily and also has been used for training.

This technology has been used by the U.S army, navy and the coast guards to train their personnel.

One of the most popular examples of augmented reality is PokemonGo. The game is said to increase the specifics of the practical environment around us.

Both VR and AR have been put to use in entertainment, entertainment, marketing, education and even in the health industry. These technologies can be used by the doctors to train themselves in the surgery. The augmented reality is providing a deeper experience for the museum-goers, theme park visitors and will also enhance the marketing experience.

The biggest players of VR in the market are Samsung, Google and there are plenty of other startups that are also investing in this technology. These startups are hiring AR and VR professionals. These professionals have VR and AR skills like programming and a forward-thinking mindset.

These technologies are set to rule the future and provide a spectrum of opportunities as well.

Voice technology:

The future of technologies that will be introduced in 2020 is not going to get complete without voice technology. The only relation between technology and voice is long gone in mobile devices and the current time is of text messaging and interaction with the devices through voice technology.

There are technologies like Siri and Alexa have been acquainted with us a long time ago. The power of voice in everyday tasks is how the work is handled every day. It is only a matter of time when we are going to surround ourselves with voice technology.

This technology is mixed with natural language processing, artificial intelligence, voice-based applications, and machine learning. This technology is going to find its place in everyday activities.


The technology is rapidly changing and innovation is at an all-time high. The technology is creating opportunities for organizations to grow and deliver the best of services.

It is significant to be ahead of time as emerging technologies can make the future bright and innovative. Better the speeds, the less you are going to be worried about getting the computer updates. Computer care is essential and updates make sure of that.

These are the upcoming crowd-pleasing technologies that you can look forward to in 2020. These technologies are also going to provide you with endless benefits in the long run.

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