Why Should I Make Use of the WordPress Platform - 10 Good Reasons
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Because of today’s sophisticated content management systems, putting together a website has never been simpler (CMS). When you use the appropriate platform, you will have access to features that have the potential to significantly simplify the procedure. However, despite the variety of content management systems (CMSs) available, each one has both advantages and disadvantages.

WordPress is undoubtedly the wide website platform in the world as a result of the fact that the majority of content management system users choose it as their preferred platform.

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10 Good Reasons to Go with the World’s Most Popular Content Management System: WordPress

In this article, we will discuss 10 reasons why we believe WordPress is the best option for you to use when building your next website.

Let’s get started right away because there are a lot of terrains to cover!

It’s free and open-source software

When discussing software development, the word “open-source software” is frequently mentioned; however, if you are not familiar with the development community, this term may not convey very much information to you. In everyday language, this entails two different things:

The platform is available at no cost. Because open-source software is provided free of charge, it can be utilized in virtually any endeavor, including those that are not intended for profit.

You have complete control over the level of personalization. When using WordPress as a content management system (CMS), you have access to the CMS’s backend and can modify virtually any part of it.

The fact that WordPress is distributed under an open-source license is also one of the key reasons why there is such a large community of developers working on new solutions for it. Let’s speak about the other ways in which that is beneficial to you.

It is currently the most widely used content management system in the world.

WordPress is the engine that drives more than 30 percent of all of the world’s websites. There are thousands of websites on the internet. Over five hundred new websites are brought online by utilizing WordPress each and every day, and that figure is only becoming larger.

Because WordPress has such a sizable user base, you can rest assured that its developers will not cease adding new features to the software in the near future. Because of this, selecting this CMS will guarantee that you will always have access to upgrades that will strengthen the security of your website and add new features to it.

In addition to this, the WordPress ecosystem is home to an active and robust community of software developers. For instance, WordPress.org provides free access to more than 55,000 different plugins that may be downloaded and used.

In a similar vein, you have complete creative freedom over the look of your website because there are dozens of themes from which to choose. That does not even take into account the paid plugins and themes, of which there is an abundance if you are willing to make an additional financial investment.

WordPress is adaptable to any kind of project you may have in mind.

It’s possible that someone has told you that WordPress is a platform for blogging. That is not strictly incorrect; nevertheless, due to the construction of the CMS, it can also be used for a wide variety of different tasks.

You may use WordPress, for instance, to expand your business, construct virtual classrooms, administer social media platforms, develop forums, or power pretty much any other kind of project you can think of. Using WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin, you can even launch an online store for your small business, even if you just have a few employees.

You also have the option to leverage the WordPress REST API to transfer data to other platforms, which you can do if you enjoy getting your hands dirty. This indicates that WordPress may be used to drive mobile apps as well as other exciting ventures.

Adapting how to use WordPress is a straightforward process.

Even if you’ve never used a content management system or constructed websites before, you won’t have a hard time getting the hang of WordPress. Beginners are welcome! To get started, all you need to do is choose a theme, possibly install one or two plugins, and then get straight into the process of building pages and other types of content.

However, one of the best things about WordPress is that it can be customized in a variety of different ways, and there are always new options being added. As soon as you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to begin incorporating more advanced functions in order to obtain complete control over the appearance of your website.

WordPress has a lot to offer even for web developers that have experience in the field. It gives you a base that you can iterate on more quickly, which is much more efficient than attempting to develop a website from the ground up.

There is a huge community of helpful people on WordPress.

We’ve already covered the topic, but the numbers behind WordPress’s popularity are staggering. On the other hand, it is essential to point out that there is a thriving community of individuals who make use of the site (and not just developers).

Make sure to look at some WordCamps to get a sense of what all of the options are out there. These are events taking place all over the world where you can sign up to network with other people who are passionate about WordPress and listen to some of the most knowledgeable experts in the industry.

The same is true for the numerous online communities that have been established around WordPress itself; all it takes is a fast search to find them. This indicates that if you ever have a concern about any facet of utilizing the CMS, you will have a large number of people to whom you may direct your inquiry in order to receive an answer.

With WordPress, you have the ability to grow (scalability) your website.

Scalability is one of the characteristics of managing a website that presents the greatest challenge. The more content you publish and the more traffic you receive, the more burden there will be placed on your content management system (CMS).

Selecting a reliable web host is essential to scaling your website and ensuring that it will always appear and perform quickly. However, the content management system (CMS) that you make use of also plays a crucial impact. You already know that there won’t be any problems with scaling because WordPress, for instance, is used to power some of the most famous websites on the internet.

Keep in mind, though, that if you want to maintain the lightning-fast speed of your website, you’ll need more than just the ideal web host and content management system (CMS). The outcomes will more than justify the effort put in, even though you will have to perform some maintenance tasks.

You have complete control over your website because of the themes and plugins you use.

If you are just starting out with WordPress, you probably won’t have much experience with the concepts of plugins and themes. Let’s have a look at what each of them actually is:

Themes are essentially pre-made templates that may be applied to your website in order to modify its overall layout.

Plugins are pieces of software that extend the functionality of your website by adding additional features.

As was noted before, WordPress is compatible with thousands of plugins and themes, some of which are free and others require payment.

In most cases, you will find that there are fantastic free solutions for whatever sort of features you want to adopt on your site. This is true regardless of whether you want to integrate paid or free options. In sharp contrast to this, other content management systems (CMSs) hide some of the most useful “extras” behind paywalls.

Websites built with WordPress are very simple to update.

If you have never created a website before, there is a possibility that you are unaware of the fact that they require some level of ongoing maintenance. When it comes to WordPress in particular, you need to stay up to date with the following:

  • The process of updating the CMS whenever new versions are released
  • You should always try to keep your plugins and themes up to date whenever you have the opportunity to.
  • Managing your site’s comments (if you choose to enable them)
  • Taking all necessary steps to ensure that your website is completely optimized and protected
  • Maintaining frequent backups of your website

In actuality, none of those jobs should individually consume an excessive amount of your time separately. You do, nevertheless, have the choice to go with a managed hosting provider in the event that you value your time.

Managed hosting plans receive their name from the fact that your hosting provider will handle a significant portion of the maintenance responsibilities on your behalf.

You are able to improve your website’s performance in search engines.

The goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to ensure that your website receives the volume of targeted traffic that it requires from search engines such as Google, Bing, and others.

You have a lot of options available to you to improve the search engine optimization of your website. Nevertheless, the level of difficulty associated with optimizing the content of your website for search engine results will be directly proportional to the platform that you choose to utilize.

You will have access to a wide variety of highly effective SEO plugins if you use WordPress, including Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack, The SEO Framework, and many more.

An SEO plugin is not required, but in our experience, using one is quite helpful in ensuring that nothing important is overlooked in the process of optimizing your website.

WordPress is very concerned about safety and security.

There is no CMS or website that is completely secure. Because new security risks appear on a regular basis, it is very necessary to make use of a platform that places a premium on online safety.

Making sure that WordPress is always running the most recent version is the single best thing that you can do if you want to run a tight ship. This includes the content management system itself, in addition to any extra components you make use of (such as themes and plugins).

You will have an advantage over everyone else if you keep your version of WordPress up to date because WordPress is constantly releasing new updates and security patches. If you want to take the safety of your website one step further, you should investigate the possibility of employing a web host that places a premium on data protection.

You can further improve the safety of your website by taking a variety of additional precautions, such as mandating the use of robust passwords and putting in place two-factor authentication (2FA) (2FA). On the other hand, if you use a platform that does not come with built-in security, all of your hard work could be for naught.

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