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Wishpond is marketing automation and leads creation platform. Wish pond’s website and email subscriber engagement capabilities include a drag-and-drop landing page editor, social contests, popups, and forms. This system also includes lead scoring, nurturing tools, and performance data. Wish pond, when used in conjunction with email marketing automation, allows marketers and business owners to segment their subscriber lists based on interests, location, web behavior, and more. Users may also create bespoke campaigns, manage landing sites, run social contests, set up marketing automation activities, and manage email marketing campaigns, among other things.

WishPond Alternatives 2021

Wish pond caters to small and medium-sized business owners as well as marketing firms looking to provide their clients with a cost-effective marketing automation platform. Wish pond’s monthly pricing starts at $44.00. A free version is available. Wishpond is a tool that online marketers use to improve conversion rates and measure activity on their websites. This data can be utilized to better understand their leads and to highlight places where greater marketing effort is required. There are several WishPond alternatives, here we are about to talk about 4 of them:


In terms of features, EngageBay is a solution that can almost rival HubSpot. Email marketing, landing sites, live chat/helpdesk, ticketing, appointment scheduling, contact management, and other services are available. Furthermore, it is quite simple to use! They provide a free plan that is similar to HubSpot’s and covers a wide range of capabilities. When you look at EngageBay’s paid programs, you can see the difference. The pricing is really affordable, especially when considering the breadth of their offerings. There are no mandatory onboarding fees with their Pro plan, which costs $49.99 per month.

EngageBay gives you the flexibility to store as many (or as few) contacts as you choose. Notes can be added, documents may be stored, and leads can see which emails they’ve received and any chats they’ve had with agents. Works well as a WishPond alternative.


  • Lead management across several platforms
  • Marketing automation technologies that are effective
  • Landing page, web form, and pop-up creator that’s simple to use
  • Module for free service
  • Pricing options that are both flexible and reasonable
  • Free plan with lots of features
  • The interface that is simple to use
  • Customer service that is quick to respond


  • There are only a few integrations.
  • Customization choices are limited.
  • The Engage Bay logo appears on all emails sent.


Keap CRM (previously Infusionsoft) is an easy-to-use customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps you collect and convert more leads. Despite the fact that there is a one-time setup fee, it includes expert product mentoring, so you’ll be up and running in no time. Everything a growing small business needs to handle sales and customers is included in the platform, including customer relationship management, sales automation, marketing automation, and payments, all in a mobile-friendly interface. Keap was the most user-friendly of all the CRM platforms and an ideal alternative to Wish Pond we tested, earning it the title of best CRM for simplicity of use.


  • Integrates CRM and email marketing.
  • It’s simple to add contacts.
  • Excellent coaching and support services.


The majority of CRM software suppliers charge based on the number of users and the subscription level. Because Keap’s membership structure is strongly dependant on the size of your contact list, it might not be the greatest choice for businesses who collect or buy large email lists with the goal of casting the widest net possible. If you decide to use Keap, you’ll want to clean up and segment your email list first.


SugarCRM is a cloud-based program for automating sales, marketing, account management, and customer relationship management. SugarCRM includes customized home pages, a new-user “wizard” tool for beginners, a shortcut bar, enhanced-view global search functions, and downloadable plug-ins, among other things. SugarCRM is a free and open-source CRM system. This provides flexibility in modifying the solution to meet the demands of various businesses. SugarCRM also connects with a variety of third-party systems and supports the creation of new modules using built-in tools. SugarCRM is available for $40.00 per month. A good alternative to Wish Pond.


SugarCRM goes beyond traditional call centers, where a single agent sleeps in between calls and expects his reputation to be ruined if he doesn’t make at least one attempt at contact. This time, you’ve discovered a system that can determine what customers require based on what they say and don’t say, and can assist you in developing sophisticated engagement techniques to help relationships thrive.


New users’ familiarity with the system

There is no native chat capability available.

Storage space is limited (additional GB are reasonably priced)

4.Pipeliner CRM:

Pipeliner CRM’s sales-friendly design foster’s great user engagement. Users can quickly understand the system thanks to its consistent navigation and visual approach, resulting in high adoption rates and rapid ROI. Furthermore, users may easily adjust what they see in order to personalize the system. The administration backend of Pipeliner is likewise visually appealing and simple to use, with drag-and-drop, in-line editing, and other non-technical features. Pipeliner does not require a full-time administrator or pricey qualified technical employees, which is a fundamental differentiator. The cloud-based platform connects with email clients such as MS Outlook and Gmail, allowing users to do email-related tasks directly from the CRM application. The visual relationship mapping reveals all of the groups and decision-makers who have an impact on buying. The utility is available both offline and online, as well as on mobile devices.  Notable Alternative to wish pond. 


Pipeliner CRM is very flexible, easy to use, data capture is excellent, interaction with other key software is seamless, and it aids in the monitoring of the core work process. One distinguishing feature is that it is extremely simple to learn without any prior experience. This is quite beneficial to our organization’s [job execution].


  • Built-in email marketing feature.
  • Should include video conferencing calls.
  • Easy access to customer support.

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