Benefits of Managed Dedicated Server Hosting for Your Business
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Anything dedicated gives the best feeling to all of us!

A dedicated home, business, or anything else. Then why must you compromise on servers? If you are running an online business, dedicated hosting servers, including bare metal server, are the perfect match for you! Many web hosting companies offer dedicated hosting services with maximum uptime and performance.

If you are running a large-scale business, websites must have top-grade servers to get the level-best performance.

To meet this parameter, a managed dedicated server provides all sets of configurations and technical resources.

If you have doubts about the benefits of dedicated servers, here is the right blog to read.

Why Do Servers Matter?

A server means software or hardware making website functions. Internet users raise different requests to search websites. Servers respond to these requests and give the view of the webpage according to the query of internet users.

Servers are essential technical resources to keep the website’s performance up. Therefore, if the server speed goes down, users experience downtime. Website downtime is the major factor in the downfall in sales. If it happens with your website also, it is time to change the hosting server.

A dedicated hosting server is comprised of powerful processors, higher bandwidth and top-notch configurations with higher storage space. So, there are no performance-related issues when hosting websites on these servers.

Shared vs Dedicated Servers

There is a continuous debate between shared hosting and dedicated hosting servers. For beginners, those who have less traffic and fewer visitors on the site can use shared hosting services for a better ROI.

However, when there is a resource-intensive web project and you have to host it, then there is a requirement for a powerful server. A dedicated hosting server is the only choice where businesses will get higher and more productive results.

A dedicated server can host multiple websites, but businesses can only host one website per dedicated server. A dedicated server could be used by two businesses, one for each of you own two different businesses. As a result, you now have a private server running multiple websites that are still dedicated only to your needs.

Shared servers have a lot of demands on their resources because they power multiple websites. During peak times, when many people are using the server’s websites, the server may not be able to deliver data fast enough to load even simple pages, let alone multimedia and eCommerce sites.

Advantages of the Dedicated Server

1. Faster Page Loading

One study shows that 40% of online buyers will leave the website after 3 seconds if it does not load on time. So, we can say every second matters in the website’s performance.

  • There was an 11 per cent drop in page views
  • A 7 per cent decrease in conversions
  • Customer satisfaction drops by 16 per cent
  • The loading time of a page has a major impact on SEO.

Dedicated hosting servers are the perfect choice for websites that want to function at optimum speed. Reliable web hosting companies offer Intel Xeon Processors, SSD NVMe storage and SSL certificates with every dedicated hosting plan.

Apart from this, Tier-3 and Tier-4 data centre assures higher uptime. So there will be no performance lag. It is therefore recommended to have dedicated servers for resource-heavy web projects.

2. Dedicated Storage

The data that runs a website lives on a server. Shared servers are set up to accommodate all of their numerous clients’ storage requirements. With the flexibility offered by a dedicated server, you can adjust storage and processing power to suit the demands of your company.

Faster access to your data is frequently a result of the capacity to balance storage and power, which immediately improves user experience. This is crucial when a business expands because more clients typically equals a greater demand for a website’s resources. Customers using a shared server can notice slower page loads right when the user experience should be at its best.

3.  Additional Customization Options

You have more control over the layout and composition of your website with a dedicated server. This is crucial for a developing company that could need to swiftly and without disruption increase its bandwidth or add a new programme.

Dedicated servers enable webmasters to run any program they require and script in any language. Additionally, it enables businesses to alter the CPU, RAM, and disc space as necessary. That kind of flexibility is not possible with a shared server because each firm may have distinct needs. Customers typically have to work with preloaded setups, programs, and software on shared servers.


Dedicated hosting services are top-grade web hosting plans. Applications like AI/ML and others are accessible on this type of server. Choose MilesWeb, which has an Indian data centre and optimum features like 99.95% uptime, SSD NVMe storage, higher storage, and even they are offering network speeds up to 25 Gbps.

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