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Bulk URL Opener:  Do you want to open a whole list of URLs at the same time? Use URL Opener Tools just submit all URL and Press Open All (which will appear) to pop up all the websites at once or open each URL individually. in Simple Bulk URL Opener is a simple app that you can use to load multiple URLs at once (in new tabs or windows).

Top Bulk URL Opener

  1. Bulk Site Opener Chrome Extention If you are using Chrome as a default browser then this chrome extension is very useful for opening bulk websites. In other words, you may skip the protocol part for “http://” sites and enter only the meaningful part.
  2. URL Opener Site – Open multiple URLs or bulk URLs at once in a single click. Url Opener is a productivity tool, used to open all links at a time in a new tab. One of the best web URL opener.
  3. Open Multiple URLs  Extension for Firefox (en-US) – for Firefox Users Open Multiple URLs by Firefox is the best tool. Multi-Links lets you open, copy or bookmark multiple links at the same time in your Firefox browser instead of opening them all individually. Just right-click on the link and hold it to drag a box around the links.

A simple and easy extension that allows the user to open a list of URLs with one click. multiple URL opener alternatively you can create and store lists of links that you use and then load them from the drop-down menu in the extension to open large amounts of links quickly and easily

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