What advancement in technology is revolutionizing the world in 2020
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The way humans work and our understanding of the environment has been totally revolutionized by ecology. You will develop amazing resources using technologies to improve your effectiveness and discover valuable knowledge. New advancements in technology have allowed us to develop innovative technologies that operate well and increase our efficiency.

Innovations such as smartphones and tablets help make life simpler for us. With the new technology, watch Ultra HD 4 K films that give you a great view and clearer pictures, helps you to enjoy yourself. You can also play video sports, talk with friends, relatives, and get in touch with anyone thousands of kilometers away.

The primary aim of the essay is to encourage awareness about the constant progress of technology and the fact that millions of people worldwide have improved their lives. Let us explore here how technology has changed the lives of individuals and society as a whole.

The internet – current phenomenon

Our world instantly changed with the advent of the internet. Citizens can keep in contact with their loved ones and connect comfortably across the world. The World Wide Web provides valuable knowledge that anybody with an active internet connection can quickly navigate. Through conducting analysis to discover the best solutions to their challenges, companies can perform their job successfully and efficiently.

Well, the benefits of the internet are increasing day by day as we have seen how the internet played its role in the pandemic of Covid-19. Millions of students all around the world are getting their education online because of the internet. Universities and colleges are taking exams using online services like Zoom. Similarly, the healthcare industry benefited the internet more than another field.

Imagine what would happen if there would no internet in 2020. Will we be able to conduct our business in these times of Coronavirus without having the internet?

That said the internet is a huge sensation and a great piece of technology that came around this time. It is helping a million people and industries to conduct their businesses without any inconvenience.

Specialized tools and systems software

As all, you might be aware of how Google has emerged as a giant of the internet world in the last decade. Google has developed dozens of sophisticated tools, algorithms, crawlers, and bots to manage the needs of its users which is, to provide accurate information.

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The catch here is all the SEO tools that are developed or being developed by companies to make it easy for people for ranking at better positions in Google result pages. Most of these tools are very popular now and used by millions of people.

Some of the names include:

These sites have developed tools for grammar checking, Rank tracking, detect plagiarism, to create backlinks and for keywords research, etc.

All these tools are very efficient and productive for search engine optimization. Before these tools, it was impossible to perform the same operations that we do now to rank our sites higher in search engines.

The Artificial Intelligence

Computer intelligence demonstrated by automated machines is artificial intelligence. Such insights allow people to achieve challenging tasks such as designing algorithms to identify patterns, solve difficult problems, and smash massive datasets. The future of innovation in artificial intelligence, as corporations accept this new technology breakthrough in order to maximize profitability and remain ahead of the market.

We will see artificial intelligence wherever we will look in the next few decades. Smart assistants like Siri and Alexa are based on artificial intelligence technology. Robotics has a huge use of this technology as well. Everyone is interacting with some kind of artificial technology somehow. For example, when we use our mobile phone, we may be using an artificial intelligence script to do a certain thing on mobile such as interacting with Siri.

New communication methods

The digital age has made connectivity easier. You can keep in contact with people living on the other side of the planet through Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. In fact, through apps such as Skype, you can video chat with them to see what they are up to and what is going on around them.

Social networking sites have updates about your family and friends anytime. Through each new update, these networking websites and apps are easier to use and interactive. Digital technology has improved the way we interact with.

Based on whether you choose to communicate with your customer service, you can either communicate remotely or via a telephone number. Chatbot sounds like a smart idea for you but let’s not forget that customer care is known for its customer focus and responsiveness.

The messaging apps like WhatsApp and Imo have made instant messaging perfect. Now, you can just type a message and send it to your friend. Your friend can receive it immediately and if not, you can know if he/she has received the message or not online yet.

Cashless and smart banking

With the advanced technologies, banks have developed apps allowing consumers to transact electronically. So any time you pay a bill or move money to another account, you don’t have to enter in the ATM machine. To execute electronic transactions, just download your bank’s app and log into your account.

On public holidays banks are closed, ensuring that people have to wait a whole day to pay. You will, however, make purchases anytime during the year for online facilities. In comparison, online banking is a better choice because you don’t have to carry cash. What you require is an online banking app on your mobile and you’re good at it.

Advance gadgets are here

The advent of electronic apps such as laptops, smart-locks, and smartwatches made life simpler. You have had to open a dictionary in the past to manually locate the words. But now, you can search for the meaning of any word on your mobile in seconds.

Smart cars are the next big thing in the world. Such vehicles are equipped with artificial intelligence to work on their own. For example, Tesla, an American electric vehicle company, is making smart cars that can drive their selves on a busy road or highway. You just need to relax and sit back. Your car will take you wherever you want. Isn’t that great?

You can lock and unlock doors with your mobile with intelligent locks installed on your car or house because your locks are connected to your computer. Enhanced monitoring services guarantee that you are both secure and safe. The way we lead our lives has changed fully by these inventions.

The practical online education is here

After high-speed Internet and video streaming platforms such as YouTube, multimedia lectures have become increasingly popular. Through watching videos live or stored, students can now attend lectures remotely. This lowers college expenses to a low, as students no longer have to fly across their universities. Students at universities can freely access e-books from the internet.

The e-learning concept has eliminated the need of visiting college or university every day for the class. Now teachers can teach students from their homes and students too can take their classes from their bedrooms. This technology has become great assistance for teachers, students, and parents as well.

In the same way, most of the companies and businesses have now realized that it is not good to invest in hundreds of acres of space, and bills for their offices. Many big companies have sent their employees to their homes to work from home. This will reduce the costs that these companies spent on the offices to facilitate the employees. Furthermore, employees can be more productive because of working from home and reduced travel times.

The practical online education is here

The emergence of Ecommerce

Those days have gone where you have to go to nearby stores to buy something. Everything is practically only one button ahead nowadays. With thousands of businesses introducing electronic commerce on a daily basis, online shopping is becoming more and more popular. About every supermarket in the world now has an online presence with a Twitter or a website so customers can’t visit typical physical stores.

You can collect items conveniently without any extra charge at your doorstep. Furthermore, the way people shop digitally is revolutionized by Augmented Reality. You can virtually check on the clothes you’re going to purchase with Augmented Reality, a groundbreaking concept for people who want to shop online. While AR is not yet popular, future e-commerce apps are getting more immersive for online shopping.

In 2020, the pandemic has given an immense boost to the eCommerce industry all over the world. Developed countries like U.S.A, U.K, and Canada, where eCommerce was already operating in its full capacity, got an upturn.  Whereas, developing countries like India, Pakistan, and Srilanka faced a huge upturn in their eCommerce industries and online sales skyrocketed during this time.

Wrapping up

It is fair to say that technology has improved people’s lives with all these new inventions. Technological advances have made our lives much simpler and more comfortable than ever. All these advancements caused a lot of business-related structural changes in the world. We can benefit from these advanced technologies by staying up to date with them.

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